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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

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Published by: HOA on Apr 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Adventures of Tom Sawyer 
“TOM!” No answer.“TOM!” No answer.“What’s gone with that oy " wonder# $ou TOM!” No answer.The o%d %ady &u%%ed her s&e'ta'%es down and %oo(ed over them aout the room) then she &ut them u& and %oo(ed out under them. She se%dom or never %oo(ed T*+O,-* them for so sma%% a thing as a oy) they were her state &air the &ride of her heart and were ui%t for “sty%e” not servi'eshe 'ou%d have seen through a &air of stove/%ids 0ust as we%%. She %oo(ed &er&%eed for a moment and then said not fier'e%y  ut sti%% %oud enough for the furniture to hear2“We%% " %ay if " get ho%d of you "’%%”She did not finish for y this time she was ending down and &un'hing under the ed with the room and so she needed reath to &un'tuate the &un'hes with. She resurre'ted nothing ut the 'at.“" never did see the eat of that oy!”She went to the o&en door and stood in it and %oo(ed out among the tomato vines and “0im&son” weeds that 'onstituted the garden. No Tom. So she %ifted u& her voi'e at an ang%e 'a%'u%ated for distan'e and shouted2“$/o/u/u TOM!”There was a s%ight noise ehind her and she turned 0ust in time to sei3e a sma%% oy y the s%a'( of his roundaout and arrest his f%ight.“There! " might ’a’ thought of that '%oset. What you een doing in there#”“Nothing.”“Nothing! 4oo( at your hands. And %oo( at your mouth. What "S that tru'(#”“" don’t (now aunt.”“We%% " (now. "t’s 0amthat’s what it is. 5orty times "’ve said if you didn’t %et that 0am a%one "’d s(in you. *and me that swit'h.”The swit'h hovered in the airthe &eri% was des&erate “My! 4oo( ehind you aunt!”
Mark Twain
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer The o%d %ady whir%ed round and snat'hed her s(irts out of danger. The %ad f%ed on the instant s'ram%ed u& the high oard/fen'e and disa&&eared over it.*is aunt 7o%%y stood sur&rised a moment and then ro(e into a gent%e %augh.“*ang the oy 'an’t " never %earn anything# Ain’t he &%ayed me tri'(s enough %i(e that for me to e %oo(ing out for him y this time# 8ut o%d foo%s is the iggest foo%s there is. 9an’t %earn an o%d dog new tri'(s as the saying is. 8ut my goodness he never &%ays them a%i(e two days and how is a ody to (now what’s 'oming# *e ’&ears to (now 0ust how %ong he 'an torment me efore " get my dander u& and he (nows if he 'an ma(e out to &ut me off for a minute or ma(e me %augh it’s a%% down again and " 'an’t hit him a %i'(. " ain’t doing my duty y that oy and that’s the 4ord’s truth goodness (nows. S&are the rod and s&i%e the 'hi%d as the -ood 8oo( says. "’m a %aying u& sin and suffering for us oth " (now. *e’s fu%% of the O%d S'rat'h ut %aws/a/me! he’s my own dead sister’s oy &oor thing and " ain’t got the heart to %ash him somehow. :very time " %et him off my 'ons'ien'e does hurt me so and every time " hit him my o%d heart most rea(s. We%%/a/we%% man that is orn of woman is of few days and fu%% of trou%e as the S'ri&ture says and " re'(on it’s so. *e’%% &%ay hoo(ey this evening ; <; Southwestern for “afternoon”= and "’%% 0ust e o%eeged to ma(e him wor( to/morrow to &unish him. "t’s mighty hard to ma(e him wor( Saturdays when a%% the oys is having ho%iday ut he hates wor( more than he hates anything e%se and "’ve -OT to do some of my duty y him or "’%% e the ruination of the 'hi%d.”Tom did &%ay hoo(ey and he had a very good time. *e got a'( home are%y in season to he%& >im the sma%% 'o%ored oy saw net/day’s wood and s&%it the (ind%ings efore su&&erat %east he was there in time to te%% his adventures to >im whi%e >im did three/fourths of the wor(. Tom’s younger rother ?or rather ha%f/rother@ Sid was a%ready through with his &art of the wor( ?&i'(ing u& 'hi&s@ for he was a uiet oy and had no adventurous trou%esome ways.Whi%e Tom was eating his su&&er and stea%ing sugar as o&&ortunity offered Aunt 7o%%y as(ed him uestions that were fu%% of gui%e and very dee&for she wanted to tra& him into damaging revea%ments. 4i(e many other sim&%e/hearted sou%s it was her &et vanity to e%ieve she was endowed with a ta%ent for dar( and mysterious di&%oma'y and she %oved to 'ontem&%ate her most trans&arent devi'es as marve%s of %ow 'unning. Said she2“Tom it was midd%ing warm in s'hoo% warn’t it#”“$es’m.”“7owerfu% warm warn’t it#”“$es’m.”“Bidn’t you want to go in a/swimming Tom#”A it of a s'are shot through Toma tou'h of un'omforta%e sus&i'ion. *e sear'hed Aunt 7o%%y’s fa'e  ut it to%d him nothing. So he said2“No’mwe%% not very mu'h.”The o%d %ady rea'hed out her hand and fe%t Tom’s shirt and said2“8ut you ain’t too warm now though.” And it f%attered her to ref%e't that she had dis'overed that the shirt was dry without anyody (nowing that that was what she had in her mind. 8ut in s&ite of her Tom (new where the wind %ay now. So he foresta%%ed what might e the net move2
Mark Twain

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