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Linux Slides1 to 800

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Published by: muitnep4 on Feb 11, 2010
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Number of configuration are available in vi editor, see some of
example .

:set number - shows a line number on the left margin in a vi


:set showmatch - when a right curly braces or a right paranthesis
is typed, a cursor will jump to the matching left curly braces or
left paranthesis.

:set all - it shows all configurations.

Set number

File contents.

To assign numbers
to all line in vi

Set number

Set all

To view all the
possibilities of
available in vi

All the available
option are
displayed here.

Set all

Redirecting Input and Output

Ouput of a command is redirected to a file
–Command > filename
Example ls -l > /root/file1
Example ls -i >> /root/file1

Output of file redirected to a command
–Command < filename
Example - cat < file1

•Error message of a command redirected to a file
-Command 2> file1
-Command 2>> file1
- Example – ll –L > file1

The output of ls
command is
redirected to the
file named ex.

Here the file is
overwritten by the
output of ls

Redirecting Input and Output

The output of ls
command is
redirected to the
file named ex1.

Redirecting Input and Output

Here the output of
ls command is
appended to the
ex1 file.

Redirecting Input and Output

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