Introduction of Telenor
Telenor is the largest telecommunication company in Norway. During the late 90’s it has been deregulated and changed from fully government owned into a public limited company. However the government retained substantial stake in terms of shares. Since deregulation began in EU, the telecommunication industry is facing tough competition from new entrants and this is the case for Telenor as well. The company is split into four groups: Mobile operation, Telenor fixed, Telenor broadcast, and others activities.

Telenor Group

Telenor Mobile Communication

Telenor Telecom

Telenor Broadband Service

Telenor Internet

Telenor Media Bravida EDB

2. History of Telenor
For over 150 years, telecommunications has played a vital part in the development of modern Norwegian society. As the incumbent provider, Telenor has been the driving force in the development of a highly sophisticated home market. The physical work has helped in rolling out

infrastructure and developing services over long distances and in tough natural conditions. The real job, however, is building relations between people. In 1994, the then Norwegian Telecom was established as a public corporation. In December 2000, the company was partly privatized and listed on the stock exchange. This transformation took place as a gradual adaptation to increasing competition in the Norwegian telecoms market after deregulation in the 1990s, with free competition for all services from 1998. Telenor has successfully defended its strong position in the Norwegian market. Internationally, Telenor has achieved on the basis of strong positions in satellite communications, in mobile communications and in domestic Internet activities. Telenor has been one of the world's leading suppliers of satellite communications for many years. Telenor is a pioneer in mobile communications. Manual mobile telephony services were introduced in Norway in 1966, as a forerunner to the automatic NMT system, which appeared in 1981. Its digital successor, GSM, was introduced in 1993, and third generation mobile network, UMTS, was launched for commercial use in 2004.

3. Mobile Operation
Telenor is a leading provider of communications services and one of the fastest growing mobile operators worldwide. Telenor holds controlling interests in mobile operations in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Ukraine,

Hungary, Montenegro, Thailand, Malaysia, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Telenor also holds minority interests in mobile operations in Russia and Austria. In accordance with Telenor’s strategy of consolidating its position in international mobile by obtaining control of selected international mobile operations, and in order to maximize the benefit of cross-border synergies and increase overall profitability. Telenor’s mobile commitments in Asia and Eastern and Central Europe are becoming increasingly important. During 2005, Telenor successfully extracted a number of cross-border synergies across the group. Common technologies for optimal spectrum and network utilization have been successfully implemented at each of the group’s operations, and Telenor maintains its focus on adopting new technologies to improve service quality and reduce costs. In order to harmonize the group’s customer orientation across all markets, Telenor has developed a common segmentation model that enables more effective targeting, while also providing greater insight into the global markets. Telenor has developed a framework that provides affiliates with a proven concept of developing target segmented offerings and optimized go to market strategies.

4. Telenor’s worldwide mobile operators
Highlights from their mobile operators and the markets in which they operate.
• • • • • •

Norway Sweden Denmark Ukraine Russia Hungary

• • • • • •

Montenegro Serbia Pakistan Bangladesh Thailand Malaysia

5. Telenor facts
•One of the world’s largest mobile operators with 105 mill. Mobile subscriptions* •Norway’s leading Telecommunications Company •Largest provider of TV services to the Nordic market •Our largest consolidated mobile operations: –Kyiv star, Ukraine –DTAC, Thailand –GrameenPhone, Bangladesh –DiGi, Malaysia –Telenor, Pakistan –Pannon, Hungary –Telenor, Norway 17.7 mill subscriptions 11.2 mill 9.4 mill 5.6 mill 4.6 mill 3.0 mill 2.7 mill

•Total workforce: 33,250 man-years (22,500 outside Norway) •Market value as of 26 October 2006: NOK 162 billion

*100% figures -all companies per Q3 2006


6. Telenor Pakistan
Telenor’s wholly owned subsidiary, Telenor Pakistan, launched its GSM mobile network on 15 March 2005.Telenor Pakistan had an estimated market share of 14% at year-end 2006.

6.1 License and network
Telenor Pakistan currently holds nationwide GSM 900/1800 licenses. Both licenses are valid for a 15-year period. Telenor Pakistan met its rollout obligations under the nationwide license during January, 2007 and expects to complete full roll-out of the network by mid-May 2007. In addition to the two GSM licenses, the company holds a Long Distance and International (LDI) license through which it is providing nationwide and international call services. The company has continued to roll out its GSM network rapidly during 2006 and during the year operated Pakistan’s fastest-growing mobile network, based on coverage and capacity. The network currently being rolled-out is WAP and GPRS enabled. After launching EDGE in August 2006, Telenor Pakistan has the country’s widest EDGE coverage. At year-end 2006, Telenor Pakistan was distributing its services through a network of 15 company-owned sales and service centers, 170 franchisees and about 90,000 retail outlets selling subscriptions and refills.

1. Market Share 2006

2. Total Mobile Market


7. Hierarchical structure



Technical Division (CTO)

Commercial Division (CCO)

Finance Division (CFO)

IT Division (CIO)

Govt. & Legal Affairs (VP)

HR & Admin (VP)

Strategically Division (VP)

Department Directors


Assistant Managers



8. Telenor Culture
Telenor advocates open culture and is a firm believes of freedom for its employees to share their ideas and encourages creativity / Innovation. Telenor is perhaps the only company in Pakistan where no person has an office. Telenor believes in equality and as such promotes this trait by issuing similar stationary and office supplies to all of its employees.

9. Communication system
Communication is life blood of every organization. Organization cannot function with out open and effective communication. It includes internal and external structure through which messages pass and the way information is presented as well as the actual content of the messages themselves. Telenor uses a variety of formal and informal forms of communication while exchanging information with people inside and outside the organization. Following are the methods used by the Telenor while communicating:

1. Internal communication 2. external communication


9.1) Internal communication
Internal communication refers to the exchange information and ideas with in an organization. In Telenor, mostly information is exchanged internally by e mail fax, phone, and intra net. Internal communication helps employees to do their jobs, develop a clear sense of an org mission and identify and react quickly to potential problems. To maintain a healthy flow of information with in Telenor, communicators use both formal and informal channels.

9.1.1) Formal communication
Planned communication with in the organization in the form of letters, reports, memo and emails, that follows the company’s chain of command. Telenor also use the same tools while communicating with in the organization formally. They mostly used letters, memos, reports, e-mails and intra net. Information may travel downward, upward and across the organizations formal hierarchy. As Telenor has an open cultural organization, where employees have full independence to share their ideas, plans, views and information, so they are following all three types of formal communication flow with in the organization. The following are three main types of formal communication flow:


• Downward communication • Upward communication • Horizontal communication Downward communication
Telenor’s Organizational decisions are usually made at the top and then flow down to the people who will carry them out. In Telenor, when employees receive an appropriate downward communication from management, they can be better motivated and more efficient. Moreover, not only they need clear job directions but also facts about organizational strategy, products and view points on important controversial issues. When given the authority, the employees of Telenor can be held accountable and responsible for their decisions. Upward communication
Upward internal communication has become increasingly more significant in Telenor. Many executives sincerely seek frank comments from their employees. Executives of Telenor closely listen to opinions, complaints, problems and suggestions given by their employees. They believe that their employees would furnish them with accurate, timely reports, emerging trends, opportunities for improvement, grievances and performance. Managers must learn what’s going on in the organization because they can’t be everywhere at once. In order to face global competition Telenor is developing new management style which will make input from employees an integral part of important decisions.
10 Horizontal Communication
Like other organizations, Telenor is also having Horizontal Communication flow i.e., from one department to another either laterally or diagonally. This Horizontal Communication helps employees share information and coordinate tasks and it is also essential in order to solve problems, perform job duties, prepare for meetings and cooperate on important projects. Moreover, Telenor is using all the three communication flows including Emails, Fax, Intranet (Web portal), Company Intranet and etc, but the most preferable and feasible way of communication with others used by Telenor is through E-mails. The reason is that as in modern world companies are transforming themselves to Online Communication Network and paperless environment, so they usually communicate through E-mails and also it proves to be a written document for the company. In Telenor irrespective of designation, emails are sent to every employee so that they can be indulged in company’s work and also know the current situation of the company.

9.1.2) Informal Communication
Telenor informal communication network or grapevine follows the path of casual conversation & has no set flow pattern. Communication between organizations & outside world can be as informal as talking with a customer or letting your appearance transmit an impression of your organization. As people go about their work, they have casual conversations with their friends in the office. Eliminating the grapevine is virtually impossible. About 80% of the information that travels along the grapevine pertains to business. Apart


from all above method of communication, Telenor is also emphasizing on Verbal Communication among the employees.

9.2) External Communication
The External communication links the organization with the outside world of customers, suppliers, competitors and investors. Telenor have an effective communication with people outside the organization that helps in creating a good reputation and have a positive impact on its ultimate success. Telenor have created its goodwill in a very short span of time just because of its effective external communication with its customers, which in result created a desire for Telenor’s product or service, and encourage the decision of its customers. As there are two main types of communication used by the organizations for effective external communication : a) b) Formal External Communication Informal External Communication

Telenor prefers formal external communication while communicating externally. As in the external environment the words speak for its organization. So they use formal language, which will enhance the goodwill of the organization. Telenor is using external communication to create a favorable impression, because carefully constructed oral presentations, emails and websites will convey an important message to outsiders about the

quality of Telenor. In order to minimize the impact of any crisis expert communicators in Telenor advise managers to communicate honestly, openly and often. Otherwise the crisis can destroy Telenor’s image, reputation, drain its financial strength and ultimately result in negative publicity.

9.3) Communication Chart

Communication system

Internal communication

External communication


Informal Formal Communication

Upward Flow

Downward Flow

Horizontal Flow


10) Business Messages

There are different types of business message which are used by Telenor to convey information to the customers. Basically the purpose of writing letter is to convey your idea to the customers rather than to impress them. To compete for attention the business messages are purposeful, audience centered and concise.

10.1) Types of Messages
• Good news messages • Goodwill messages • Bad news messages • Persuasive messages • Promotional messages

10.1.1) Good News Messages
A message that will receive a favorable or neutral reaction from reader is usually easy to write because such a message tells the reader something pleasant or offers useful information. These messages are generally organized by direct approach also known as good news plan. In order to build good will, Telenor replies to all reasonable requests courteously, helpfully and promptly.

10.1.2) Goodwill Messages
Goodwill messages are important for building relationship with customers, customers who are more brand conscious. Telenor try to satisfy its customers in such a way, that they may increase the reputation of the company.

10.1.3) Bad News Messages
When message is a negative, then analysis become extremely important. Telenor believes that bad news messages should be sent and written rather communicating face to face or in a quick phone call. While writing a bad news messages Telenor do give concentration that the facts and figure should be explained in details. There should not be any incomplete information. Telenor also look upon in maintaining a good and healthy relationship with their customers so while writing bad news messages they take care of this fact.

10.1.4) Persuasive Messages
The main aim of persuasive messages is to influence the audience who are inclined to resist. Therefore, Telenor when writing persuasive messages, generally they are longer, more detailed and often depend heavily on strategic planning. Telenor while writing persuasive messages make sure that purpose is perhaps the most important planning task.


10.1.5) Promotional Messages
The main emphasis of the promotional message is to enhance the sale of the organization. Telenor while writing promotional messages keep the audience centered approach. The main sources for Telenor in order to promote its product are TV commercials, news papers, bill boards and internet. Promotional messages of Telenor are designed in a way that helps them indulging their customers to buy their products and services.

11) Recruitment Process
Telenor, unlike other organizations, having unique online recruitment process. A candidate can only apply online for job, rather going and submitting the resume physically. Jobs are advertised on their website. Candidates have to fill in the online application form regarding their personal information. After submitting their personal information, their resumes are sent to HR department. The HR Department then forwards their resumes to recruitment department of HR, where their data base is collected and evaluated. The recruitment department makes a shortlist of candidates which are sent to their relevant department. The relevant department then evaluates the selected candidates and makes further shortlist of candidates. The list of these candidates is sent to the Head of Department, providing him with the information in detail of each selected candidates. Then the list of short listed

candidates is sent to Head of Department for further analysis or interpretation. After sending list of short listed candidates to Head of Department, the interview schedule is prepared for the candidates. In their final comprehensive interview, the selected candidates are evaluated on the basis of their job knowledge and their personal skills. While analyzing their personal skills, the Telenor manages will make an overview on their academics and past experience regarding the relevant field. After conducting their interview, they rank the candidates on the basis of their job knowledge and personal skills which includes their academia, communication skills, past experience in relevant department and etc. After ranking they will offer the contract to the best suitable candidate. In this contract, they will mention the salary and are the terms and conditions of the job. If the terms & conditions are acceptable or suitable for the candidate, he/she will join the job. Otherwise the company will go for the best possible alternative. In their recruitment process, the Telenor will first hire the employee for specific prohabitional period. If the company is satisfied with the performance of the candidate, they will turn the status of candidate as a permanent employee and he will become the part of Telenor Family.


Advertiseme nt Job Requirement HR Department Data Base News paper Ads Recruitment Department Replacement Department Department Head Interview Schedule

Job Knowledge


Ranking the Candidates Offer to Selected Candidates Telenor Employee


12) Summary
After a brief review of Communication system of Telenor Pakistan, we analyzed that they follow both formal and informal Internal Communication system. They use all possible means of communication internally including email, Fax, Events and Gathering, company Intranet etc. Mostly they use all three Formal Flow of Communication i.e., Downward, Upward and Horizontal Flow. While communicating informally, they prefer verbal communication either by phone or café 345 etc. On the other hand, they communicate with the outside world through letters, fax, phones, press releases, advertisements, press conference and events, websites, audio/video conference calls etc. They usually write Good news messages , Bad news messages , Persuasive messages , Routine messages , Goodwill messages and Promotional messages while communicating with customers, vendors, stakeholders, distributors, competitors, investors, journalists and community representatives. They also use Ads and campaigns as a mean of communication with the external stakeholders. Telenor also have an open culture where employees have right to participate by giving their ideas, views and suggestions. They also have no separate offices for their employees, irrespective of their designation. This culture promoted by Telenor is unique in itself and help in eliminating one man show from the organization. They go for team work and group decision making in order to have different views, perception, thoughts because people from diverse culture with different ideas do make a difference.


13) Conclusion

In the above report we have discussed in detail about the communication system of Telenor. How they communicate internally and externally? We also discussed their culture which is different from all organizations operating in Pakistan. They have open culture where employees have full freedom of expressing their views, ideas and suggestions. There are no separate offices for the Telenor employees irrespective of their designation as compared with other organizations. We also studied how they write their Good and Bad news messages, Goodwill, Persuasive and Promotional messages. While writing business messages their main emphasis is not only to convey message but also to retain the customer and the goodwill of the organization. Telenor employ people from a variety of backgrounds, with a wide variety of skills and training. Telenor wants their organization to benefit from the new insight and opportunities that this diversity offers. Telenor people are called on to challenge themselves; to take on other tasks than those that they have been trained for, and in this way discover new qualities and capabilities. Telenor offers exciting and challenging careers with competitive pay, excellent benefits and exceptional advancement opportunities. They care about their employees and provide them with a relaxed and enriching working environment. Telenor maintains a policy of non-discrimination towards all employees and applicants for employment. Together with their commitment, they will deliver positive results and create opportunities that will benefit the Telenor family.


14) Recommendations
It is clear that the cellular market of Pakistan is growing rapidly and far from the saturation point. Seeing the opportunity, several foreign mobile telephony operators such as Telenor have recently invested numerously. Telenor in order to earn goodwill has to provide quality services to attract customers in Pakistan’s mobile market. There are certain hurdles i.e., tough competition with competitors, coverage area, which Telenor has to overcome. Telenor has to provide more suitable calling packages to their customers to gain the share in market and to surpass the competitors. Other challenges for Telenor may come from as there lacks strong, stable legal & regulatory framework in Pakistan. The unfamiliar business practices such as corruptions, management style, and if they overlook these dimensions i.e., Individualism/collectivism, power distance, uncertainty avoidance, and masculinity/femininity, then they can’t excel in Pakistan market. At the end, we hope that Telenor is well aware of these cultural, economical, and political issues as it has got investments mainly in developing nations like Pakistan.


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