Summary of 4th Annual Revenue Assurance Summit on 25-26 March 2008 Singapore

Ahmad Fairuz Ali <name>
Confidenti al

RA Update q1 2008
• RA – – – – in new network(IP) Different network architecture for the 21 century. Networks transformation to IP. (Multi-session) Handover call from LAN to GSM and vice versa. IP TV. Source from usage information, usage billing, monthly billing, content usage billing, content providers invoice, interconnect contracts and etc. Asterisk, VOIP. in new business model Content based services. Service Bundling. Operator use to bundled the VAS services. Example, get one song of Caller Tunes, free one Bubble Talk call or multi-party N-Play. Tariff changes and discount rates. How will we control the content providers revenue sharing?

– RA – –

RA Update
• NRTRDE (Near Real Time Roaming Data Exchange)
– – Exchange Roaming Fraud within 4 hours ->presently 36 hours via clearing house. Visited network has to be paid for providing network service, no matter if the customer pays or not. Visited network is only liable if it does not send required fraud alerts on time

Organizational Structure – Risk assessment , revenue assurance and fraud.

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