Values 00h 01h 02h 03h 04h 05h 06h 07h 07h 07h 07h 08h 09h 09h

0Ah 0Ah 0Ah 10h 11h 12h 14h 14h 16h 17h 18h 24h 3Ch 40h 42h 50h 51h 51h 52h 52h 56h 61h 63h 63h 63h 64h 65h 70h 75h 80h 81h 81h 81h 82h 83h 84h 93h 94h A5h B7h B8h C1h C4h C6h C7h

for operating system indicator: empty DOS 12-bit FAT XENIX root file system XENIX /usr file system (obsolete) DOS 16-bit FAT (up to 32M) DOS 3.3+ extended partition DOS 3.31+ Large File System (16-bit FAT, over 32M) QNX OS/2 HPFS Windows NT NTFS Advanced Unix AIX bootable partition, SplitDrive AIX data partition Coherent filesystem OS/2 Boot Manager OPUS Coherent swap partition OPUS OS/2 Boot Manager hidden 12-bit FAT partition Compaq Diagnostics partition (resulted from using Novell DOS 7.0 FDISK to delete Linux Native part) OS/2 Boot Manager hidden sub-32M 16-bit FAT partition OS/2 Boot Manager hidden over-32M 16-bit FAT partition OS/2 Boot Manager hidden HPFS partition AST special Windows swap file NEC MS-DOS 3.x PowerQuest PartitionMagic recovery partition VENIX 80286 SFS (Secure File System) by Peter Gutmann Disk Manager, read-only partition Disk Manager, read/write partition Novell??? CP/M Microport System V/386 GoldenBow VFeature SpeedStor Unix SysV/386, 386/ix Mach, MtXinu BSD 4.3 on Mach GNU HURD Novell NetWare Novell NetWare (3.11) DiskSecure Multi-Boot PC/IX Minix v1.1 - 1.4a Minix v1.4b+ Linux Mitac Advanced Disk Manager Linux Swap partition Linux native file system (ext2fs/xiafs) OS/2-renumbered type 04h partition (related to hiding DOS C: drive) Amoeba file system Amoeba bad block table FreeBSD BSDI file system (secondarily swap) BSDI swap partition (secondarily file system) DR-DOS 6.0 LOGIN.EXE-secured 12-bit FAT partition DR-DOS 6.0 LOGIN.EXE-secured 16-bit FAT partition DR-DOS 6.0 LOGIN.EXE-secured Huge partition Cyrnix Boot

DBh DBh E1h E4h F2h F4h FEh FFh

CP/M, Concurrent CP/M, Concurrent DOS CTOS (Convergent Technologies OS) SpeedStor 12-bit FAT extended partition SpeedStor 16-bit FAT extended partition DOS 3.3+ secondary SpeedStor LANstep Xenix bad block table

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