Top 10 reasons to attend Waycross College

1. Waycross is a small college where you’re a person not a number; where small classes mean teachers really know you 2. Lowest tuition cost of any college in the university system 3. Waycross College has a reputation for academic excellence 4. Classes are taught by full faculty professors, not graduate assistants 5. Students enjoy a level of individual attention and support from faculty not found anywhere else 6. Waycross feels like small private college but at half the price of public university 7. Graduates easily transfer and succeed at state 4-year colleges/universities 8. Waycross College is a two-year unit of the University System of Georgia 9. Intercollegiate sports now available 10.Safe campus environment
For more information call: Waycross College Admissions Office 912-449-7600 2001 South Georgia Parkway - Waycross, GA 31503