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CLASS OF cexvatso LICENCE Dw A. Any combination of a tractor-trailer, U D&G B sctooi os. CDE o_o FRG CC Reentor Trans Bix oe Cone DD comin otc povided the towed veliele is nor over 4600 ke. | F&C CLASS OF TICENCE G M1 M2 Any combination of vehicle and towed vehicle up to 11000 kg provided the towed vehicle is not over 4600 ky, (ar, van, small eeuck) evel One of graduated lioensing ~ Holders may Level One of graduated licensing ~ Hold peje Arve Class vehicles when accompanied Dy 1 s fly licensed driver with a leas 4 yous of Chet driving, Additional conditions apply. mene Level Two of graduated licensing Holders mayo Arve Cass G vehicles without accompanying sn Motoreyeles- Holders maY drive Class G vehicles under the condions that apply 19a Class Gt licence holder amet ‘ nf S eS Level one of raduate licensing - Holders may Replces were Level Two of graduating ficensing- Holders vous nay drive a motoreyele, but only with a zero Yeon blood alcool fvel Hider may ala dive us ‘Class G vehicles under the conditions that apply to Class Gi licence holder: ‘Common symbols m = meter em = centimeter ‘mm = millimeter em = cubic centimeter an’s = meters per second kawh=kilometers per hour kg. kilogram mg = milligram inl = milliliter mph = miles per hour f= feet Ibs = pounds Common equivalencies To convert meters to feet: meters x 3.3 = feet 30m = 1001 110 m= 350 ft 60m = 2001 150. m= 500 ft ‘To convert kilometers to miles: kilometers x .62 = miles 50 knv/h = 31 mph. 80 km/b = 50 mph ‘To convert kilograms to pounds: kilograms x 2.20 = pounds 23 kg = 50 Ibs. New residents AS a new resident if you have a valid driver's licence from another province or country you can drive for 60 days. If you want to continue to drive for more than 60 day: ‘you must get an Ontario driver's licence. Drivers from Canada, Austria, Germany, Japan, Korea, Switzerland and United States Ifyou prove that you have been driving for two years or more with a valid driver's licence in the countries listed above, you may get Class G driver’ licence without taking any tesi, but you must meet all the medical requirements including vision test. IT you have less than two years but ‘more than one year experience, you may get eredit for it and enter level two of the graduated licensing system. Drivers from Other Countries Ifyou are a licensed driver from another country, you must meet all the medical requirements, pass a vision test as well a8 @ computer or written exam to test your knowledge of the rules of the road and traffic signs. If you have proof of two years or more of driving experience, you may take level two road test to eam driving privileges. If you do not pass you have to go back to level one. If you do not have two years of driving experience but can prove that you have the driving experience required for level one, you can take the level one road test and if you pass you may enter to level two. If you do not have proof of your driving experience, you will be considered a new driver andl you will have to start at the beginning of level one. How to obtain your licence * Forms and identification required : Every applicant for a driver's licence must provide proof of both personal identification and date of birth. Only original documents and certified authentic copies are acceptable. These documents fall into three categories, Acceptable for date of birth and personal identification ° Passport * Identification Card (immigration) * Armed Services 1.D. with photo * Deposition signed by Superintendent of training school operated by Correctional Services * Sealed Security I.D. photo, signature and date of birth are included * Indian Treaty Card * Citizenship Card * Porm 1000, Canadian Immigration record, or visa Certificate of Indian status Acceptable for date of birth only : * Birth Certificate * Canada or USA driver's licence without photo * Baptismal Certificate (no seal) with an additional piece of identification showing date of birth * Baptismal Certificate with official seal of Church, ° Sworn affidavits with supporting documents Acceptable as identification only: (Must contain applicant's signature) * Immigration Card * Signed Employee I.D. * O.HLP. Card/Student * Credit Card * Hospital Clinic LD, Card + Membership Card * Court Order for Change of Name * Age of Majority Card * Photo on Driver's Licence (expired or ftom another area) * Direct Identification by a Parent with acceptable proof of 1D. * Change of name certificate * Certified adoption papers * Motor vehicle permit * Marriage certificate Written test and vision requirement ‘Once you have the proper documents, take them to a Ministry of Transportation Driver Examination Office or Travel Point. To obtain a driver’s licence you must be 16 years old, pass a vision test and a test of your knowledge of the rules of the road and traffic signs. ‘After you pass these tests, you will enter level one and get a Class Gil licence. You must pass two road test(Gl and G2) to be come fully licenced.