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Branden Jewsbury

3110, Shannon pl.

West Kelowna,
British Columbia V4T1T4

Umpire, Baseball Umpires Association of BC, March, 4, 2011July, 20,2011
When I worked as an umpire I had to go through some tough
situations that tested me as an individual. Since you have two
different coaches, from different cities with different perspectives of
what should be called, you have to stay calm and confident in what
decisions. This is not much different from golf or life in anyway to go
far you have to stay calm and confident with any situation that is
thrown your way because one event could change a persons life

Two Eagles Golf Course and Academy, Backshop, September,

2011- Current
For the last 4 years I have been employed at Two Eagles Golf Course
as a back shop employee. In the back shop we wash golf carts, pick up
golf balls off of the driving range and make sure the daily procedures
run smoothly. In the back shop I have to use team work and problem
solving with my coworkers to ensure a problem or a job gets done to
top quality. In addition I am around many people all day and I have
learned how to handle myself in situations with the public. This
requires me how to respond to certain issues or questions in a polite
manner which is skill I have. I also get jobs done at a relatively rapid
pace but maintain a level of high quality work.


4th Place in the Rotary Club annual speech contest

-Made it through and came 1st in semi finals and came 4th in the
Finals against the best contestants in the district

Dragons Den Competition Finals

-Placed 5th in the Dragons Den completion with a Baseball
Academy for young Children. Went all the way to the rewards
luncheon where the winners were selected.

BC Interior Jazz Festival

- Have won awards in my small groups and big bands as well as

being awarded two individual soloist awards and two individual

player awards in the last two years of participating.

Education Week Radio Ad

- I was chosen by trustees and the assistant super intendant to

participate in the 2015 SD23 Education Week Radio


District Student Council

- I have been the grade 10 and grade 11 representative on

SD23s District Student Council and plan to become President of
the District Student Council next year.

Strait A and G Student
Mount Boucherie Secondary

Currently in 11th grade

-I am very persistent and if anything is asked of me I finish it at the
best of my ability.
-Nothing can hold me back I will do any job that is thrown my way even
if it is substantially difficult.
-I love the game of golf, and have been working at Two Eagles Golf
Course since 2011.
-I have two levels of lifeguard training which come with the knowledge
of CPR and other everyday safety that might come in handy if someone
get injured or need assistance with medical needs.
-Take my time with everything, I will not rush to get the job done. I
want to finish the job to a very high standard and make sure that it
gets done right.