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Kassy Otey
Mrs. Susany
CP English 9
May 18, 2015
The struggles of being LGBT
Since forever gay right have been a controversy. There are 37 states that allow same-sex
marriage in the United States and about 13 that have banned it. Everyone should have the right to
be with the person they love. Throughout the years people have been bullied even killed for
being homosexual, taught that it is a sin to like the same sex, and why everyone is silent in this
Kids, teenagers, and adults all over the world are stuck in silence from their sexuality.
Parents will not accept the fact that their child is gay, treating them like they are nothing. But,
other parents may accept it.They call themselves the New civil rights movement. Father of
the great nationwide kiss in, a gay-rights protest (Williamson). The first state to recognize
same-sex couples was Vermont, allowing them to legally marry in 2000. This created the
landmark legalization of most states. Over the past couple of years the LGBT rate expanded by
55%. The state's rules can be changed on behalf of the citizens and their opinions on gay
marriage. Many people find it hard to accept their kids, or friends coming out of the closet.
There are so many teenagers that hide their real feelings everyday so they don't feel judged.
Some see what happens to the other kids in class when they finally express themselves, and they
do not want to be treated like that.

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It would be wonderful if everyone understood that gay couples are not different from
straight couples and that being gay is no big deal. But unfortunately, discrimination-having
different rules and laws for different people-does still exist for gay people throughout the
world(Same-Sex). Being gay should not be hidden for these people anymore. They should not
need to suffer and feel ashamed for their emotions toward others. Being homosexual and or
lesbian is no different than a girl liking a guy. They are being silenced, shunned by the world for
who they are. The same thing happened during the holocaust, all the innocent people were
silenced for being who they were. If you're jewish, polish, german, gay, etc. you should never be
treated like you are nothing. Human suffering anywhere concerns men and women everywhere
(Wiesel). Men and women are hands in hand with the people they love to stand up for what they
believe in. Treating someone with no respect is only going to cause them to fight more. They
want their freedom. They no longer want to be silenced, the LGBT want a life of their own and
do not want to waste it hiding in the dark forever.
There are a lot of support going around to stop the hate on gay rights. There are groups
people will attend, parades, family support, and many more. People all over the world are trying
to stop this hatred. A teenage boy about 15 years old said this, I got bullied today at youthie but
I can't disclose to anyone as this will involve me having to come out, as no-one knows Im gay
(Homophobia). This support we are trying to give them is for them to be free and comfortable
in showing their sexuality to their families and to the people around them. People think if a child
grows up in a house with same-sex parents they might be messed up when their older, when that
not the case.In fact, a 2014 Australian research study from the University of Melbourne found
that children with same sex parents were, on average, happier and healthier when compared to
families in the general population and around the world (Parent). Kids are being raised just like

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they would be with a hetero family. But still some believe it is not right for someone to grow up
in house like that. I am not so nave as to believe that this slim volume will change the course of
history or shake the conscience of the world (Wiesel). This quote can explain how people
believe that this will never change. Their will always be people who are against someone else's
beliefs. No one is the same and never will be. Straights and gays will never see eye to eye,
because people have different minds. Those who kept silent yesterday will remain silent
tomorrow (Wiesel). Meaning all the lesbians, Bisexuals, Pansexuals, Homosexuals,
Transexuals, Transgengers, will always be different, if they were silenced one day it is going to
be pretty hard for them to get the rights they deserve today.
Today's world is a lot different than what it was. Many point of views have changed on
equal rights but their will always be someone who still sees it in a different way. Their will
always be shock, resentment, anger, and denial toward someone who comes out but there is no
need to discriminate them for who they are. No one should be bullied, taught that their sexuality
is not right, and should never be silenced on who they are.

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