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RESPECT Words and Music by Solid 4 beat . OTIS REDDING Fe —S = = 4 Late —— es oe = — = — z = What you want baby 1 got I ain't gon-na do you wrong while you gone. = What you need you know I got it T_ain’t_gon-na__do you wrong ‘cause 1 don't wan - na lit- tle re -spect, when you come home, © 1965 Cotilion Music Warmer Chappell Music Ltd., London WIY SFA. HB when you come home, — S——<— = + te jt EC a= — I'm out togive you all_ my mon-ey, but all I'm askin’ Ooh, ____your kisses, sweeter than hon-ey, but guess___what, in re- tur, — hon- ey, is to give me so here's my mon - ey. all I want you to do for me — pod: 3 my pro-per re ~ spect when you get home SEE sane ee When you_get home Yeah. ae} = = ; =— + & 1 i i = rf ty —— E SSS 2] 7 a S54 mu you get you get out what it means to lit - te re - out TO Cc OP Repeat and Fade