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Gabriela Cassar

Miss Hammitt
26 May 2015
Straight News Story
Smoothie Smashdown

Do you enjoy making smoothies? Do you enjoy drinking smoothies? Do you enjoy
helping out others? If you answered yes, then you better keep reading. The Student
Leadership program of Bloomfield Hills High School is hosting a Smoothie Smashdown.
The Smoothie Smashdown will help raise money for Detroits Childrens Hospital.
Students at BHHS can choose to create a team to make smoothies at the event and
compete against other teams, or can come individually to taste test. If participants
choose to create a team its $5 and you must fill out a form thats available in the
activities office. If you choose to come individually then tickets can be bought for $2 at
the door. This event will be held February 14th 5:30 to 6:30pm at BHHS.