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Post graduate in logistics & SUPPLY CHAIN

Vision and Mission of Gati

Be a globally preferred provider of India-centric supply chain

services and solutions, and a leader in the Asia Pacific region.

Delight customers with quality service by setting new trends

through innovation and technology .

Be the most preferred organization for all stakeholders.

Be a responsible corporate citizen with unwavering

commitment to environmental protection and conservation

They are based on a desire to achieve sustainable heights in

business and encompass a set of customer sensitive corporate
values on attitude, behavior, action and delivery.
GATI’s commitment is to be a
type of business which is
different from others and to
play a distinctive role in the
A pioneer and a leader in Express Distribution &
Supply Chain Solutions, Gati has reinvented
itself once again!
Youthful, trendy and market driven, Gati is
ready to take up new challenges.
Gati’s first of its kind offers and services have
created benchmarks in the industry.
The new mechantronic Express Distribution
Centres have revolutionised logistics and
distribution systems across the country.
Gati’s Domino Discipline has revolutionised the
way Gati works and has aligned everyone in
Gati is characterized by its:
The key issues include….

 Customer Satisfaction.
 Ability to give right service at right time.
 Product /service Presentation.
 Traffic Building.
 Layout of the services.
 Keeping Pace With Technology.
GATI is divided into 5 Zones
1989 – 14 Nov : The Birth of new revolution in the India Cargo Industry
1989 - Committed delivery- Ontime & intact , else money back
1996 - Alliance with India Airlines
1997 - Introduced the concept of 3PL
5 - Launches courier services- Suvidha now known as ZIPP
1999 – 1. Expanded to SAARC Countries - Gati International ,
2. Smt Kumudben Joshi, the Honorable Governor of “AP”
flagged off the first Gati Vehicle in 1999
3. ISO Certification to Gati

2000 - First logistics company to get ISO Certification –ISO 9000-2000

2001 - Gati Millennium Parcel Express- First Cargo train MUM to CCU
2003 - Award “ The Best Logistics Company” , Launch of Gati@web
2004 - Launched Mechanized Automated Logistics centre at Panvel
2005 - Award “Champion CIO Award”
2006 - Award “The Amity HR Excellence Award”
Attract and retain high-calibre talent
Achieve RS 1000/- crore by 2009
Trigger for global premiumness in service,
profit & growth by adopting world-class
business particles.
Be a responsible corporate citizen
Be among the top 100 companies in INDIA
& the best admired company in the service
First logistics company in India to be
awarded ISO 9001 certification
In 2003 Gati was voted The Best
Logistics Company
Awarded the 'Best Logistics Partner' by
HCL Infosystems for 2005 -2006
For the second time in a row, Gati was
recognised as a Consumer Superbrand
in the Logistics category of 2006 -
Amity International Business School awarded
Gati the HR Excellence Award 2006 - 2007 at
their 9th International Business Horizon (INBUSH
2007) for their best business practices and
corporate excellence.

NDTV nominated Gati for the Business leadership

Awards in the logistics category.

Gati Singapore office was awarded the Regional

Headquarter (RHQ) status by the Economic
Development Board (EDB), Ministry of Trade And
Industry, Republic of Singapore
 2750 Trained

 1200 Gati Associates

 500 Vendors

 1200 Trained Handlers

 1500 Trained Drivers
Coverage in a month:
Carries 20,000 tonnes of Express cargo
Carries 1.2 million packages
Carries 300,000 Shipments
Carries 700 tonnes of Priority cargo
Covers 3 times the distance of all National Highways.
Today, Gati has become the face of
Retail Express Cargo.
Providing quality service and value for
Over the years Gati has gained
expertise in handling various industry
verticals- healthcare/clothing/white
-value/ cargo, etc.
Gati has more than 2,000 vehicles at
its disposal which cover 3,20,000 kms.
Gati Priority is the result of an exclusive
tie-up with Indian Airlines, the largest
airline network in India.
 strategic alliance with Indian Airlines
 Assured space on IA flights
 24-72 hour Service
 Flexible Pickup & Delivery Options
 Containers & Pallets for Safety & Security
 Same day service to select destinations.
 Multimode network - Air & Surface
 Gati has now extended its horizons in
the Asia-Pacific & SAARC countries.
Gati has opened offices in Singapore,
Hong Kong, China, Sri Lanka, Nepal and
Myanmar to strategically focus on
India-centric business
Freight Forwarding in Air & Sea shipment.
Strategic tip-up with Global player.
Coverage of more then 200 countries.
More then 500 pick-up point in India.
Custom Clearance Services.
 Express Courier Services.
 All Metro with committed “ AM
 Web Base Track ‘n’ Trace facility.
 Mass Mailing Solution.
 Pre-Paid envelop.
 Air Parcel Services.
 Holiday delivery
 It provides your own choice of price,
An affordable surface product
especially designed for your non-
commercial packages.
It makes easy to send non-
commercial personal / corporate
gifts, news magazines, catalogues,
directories, study materials &
brochures across India.
Flat rate of Rs. 89 per package (up
Gati Coast to Coast (CTC) is Gati's shipping
division. Set up way back in 1986, the CTC
vision was to become the preferred service
provider for all sea bound cargo in the Bay
of Bengal, Andaman Islands and Malacca
In the two decades of its existence, Gati CTC
has followed this vision with diligence and
determination and has emerged as a
complete solutions provider for the Indian
4 vessels providing liner service between
FOD (Freight-on-delivery)
COD (Cash-on-delivery)
DOD (Draft / Cheque-on-delivery)
Inbound Rate Agreement: Ensures hassle-
free, convenient supplies from your vendors.
Holiday & Sunday Pick-up/Delivery
Octroi Clearing Facility: Octroi clearance on
behalf of customers
Tamper-proof packing: Special bags for safe
handling of high value cargo
Pharma & Pharma Samples
Electronics & Electronic Components
Automotives, Auto Spares
Engg Products, Machinery, Spares
Other in Mfg (Heavy Engg)
Computer, Computer Peripherals
Electrical Appliances, Products,
Apparel Industry
Fast Moving Consumer Products (FMCG)
C & F, Courier and Cargo
List of major customers of Gati
Online line tracking on

e-POD-Scanned copy of Proof Of Delivery through


e-mail Updates - Tracking your consignment

is just a click away

Toll Free Number A 24 x 7 service

SMS Updates Messages on your mobile

Gati Enterprise Management
System (GEMS)
Custom developed software to cater
to the needs of GATI operations
Oracle Financials - Business
Oracle CRM - Customer Relation
Terrestrial Links / RF connecting
120+ sites
Other locations have Dial-up /
Broad band / Cable / ISDN
Widest IP Phone connectivity from
Jammu to Trivandrum
Implemented Wide Area Network
(WAN) 3 yrs ago
VTS – Vehicle Tracking System
Warehouse Management System
Human Resource Information
System (HRIS)
Shipping System
IT Help Desk System
IT Inventory Management System
Gatishipper – Zipp data upload and
Docket printing tool
HR Department
Marketing Department
Finance Department
Logistic department
Service department
IT Department
Legal department
Facility Department
Operation Department
Caring for our customer’s precious objects
with domino discipline, we promise to stay
ahead in reach in service quality, wide
network, high caliber responsible people,
technology & automation.
We shall recruitment those candidates who
have a passion& skill for providing
disciplined & customized service to our
Disciplined training for employees to
increase their quality delivery
We shall continuously access employee’s
attitude, behaviour, action & delivery in
line with the organization’s customer’s
Employee Bonding
Create discipline amongst employees.
Opportunities for employees to gain
functional expertness
Brand Building
Position the brand in such a way that the brand
benefits & customer sensitivity are
Direct Marketing
Maintain a database of all customers &
intimate them about our offerings.
Communication in direct materials should be
direct to the point, so interest is generated to
the customers.
Designing & development of
Promotional issues
Design promotional material that are
attractive & customized
Come up with innovative ideas & Provide
promotional offers to our customers.
Media & Outdoor Advertisement
Brand communication through these media
should be cost effective
Exhibitions & Events
We shall organize / participate in various
exhibitions & events
Work towards communicating the benefits
of our service to customers through our
exhibition & make our event profitable for
customers as well as us
PR activities
Develop a PR strategy that is along the
lines of current trends & project the
Raising Funds
Plan our process effectively to raise funds
& make available for business needs
We will follow domino discipline in fund
management & ensure that fund
availability does n’t affect customer value
Controlling Expenditure
Build a disciplinary system that ensure
that our methods of monitoring
expenditure are reliable
Dealing with banks / Financial
Maintain strict discipline while maintaining
records of all transactions with our Banks &
financial institutions.
Relationship with our financial institutions
should be long term
Transaction accounting & control
Upgrade latest accounting procedure to
make accounting transactions speedy for
the customers
New technology Introduction
Introducing newer technologies through
comprehensive training & focus on
improving cost efficiency.
We will adopt those technologies which
help us to stay “Ahead in Reach” in the
IT infrastructure & Maintenance
Global & local trends to enable elegant &
hassle free methods
Engage in partnership to create best IT
infrastructure in the industry
Comprehensive & customized IT
solutions for business Process &
Continuous tracking technology trends
for customized IT solution
Comprehensive IT solutions that are
friendly & cost effective & benchmark
in the industry
Continuous feed back system for
providing customer sensitive IT solution
Interact with the marketing & sales
departments to understand what
customers want & prepare the contract
accordingly, the contracts brief & to the
point & prepare the agreements within
48 hrs
Check for any existing trademarks
before the company starts
development of any IP & keep the
relevant department informed
Alert & watch all the time to keep any
Keep all documents & valid IP certificate & in
safe custody.
Protection of companies immovable property
by timely payment of property tax &
changing respective properties in companies
Watch the legal changes & industry laws in
domestic & international markets & update
materials accordingly.
Co-ordinate with relevant departments to
organize the training workshops on legal
matters, like legal issues & DEPS for all the
employees & business partners twice a year.
We shall always look out for good locations which
will suit our business purpose & purchase land,
vehicles at affordable cost which will be profitable
for the organization in future & alert about the
contract status of all the rental premises.
Always be proactive in timely rent payments & settle
issues, regularly check the rent agreements & make
renewals on time
Maintaining the vehicles & company assets, if any
in the vehicles / company assets then immediate
to repairs
Monitoring arrival & delivery
service levels
Understand customer needs & monitor
service level to provide a fool proof
delivery plan.
Create responsible teams of service
providers & vendors for creating
technology driven service levels.
24/7/365 service level monitoring
Law & regulation & be alert to the
statutory changes
Follow the laws & inform customers of
all the relating requirements in
Prepare guideline book on all the
statutory requirements & upgrade it
Use the least documentation for
Customer Problems resolution
Understand customer problem to his
business & social requirements.
Try to resolve the issue before the
stipulated time & reduce customer’s
business loss.
Communicate regularly to the
 Vehicle routing
Provides a cost effective delivery
Continuously reaching on newer &
alternative routes.
Evaluation & modification of the route
plans to enable a disciplined & quality
Deploying newer route plans, ahead
our competitors to ensure timely &
quality delivery for enabling customers
 Vendor Management
Identify & partner with competent
vendors to extend the best service
experience for our customers.
Responsible & integrated vendor
management system.
Continuously monitor the performance
of the vendors
Call centre is divided in to 2 types
Front Hand: - Queries of the customers
Back Hand: - Answers of this quarries
There are 9 call centers of Gati all over
India. Zonewise, we have call centers
EAST: ~ Calcutta
CENTRAL: ~ Nagpur
NORTH: ~ Delhi
SOUTH: ~ Chennai, Bangalore &
Gati International, the global operations
wing, provides us with strategic USP —
an international reach, along with a
highly focused expertise in India -
centric operations. This ensures that
Gati remains the undisputed leader not
just in Indian operations, but also in
India - focused operations.
They have an alliance with Jubilee
Commercial, an IATA accredited freight
forwarder that started operations in 1998
as Air Cargo Agent. Today Jubilee
Commercial is a member of the
Federation of Freight Forwarders
Associations of India, Federation of Indian
Chamber of Commerce and Industry and
International Federation of Freight
Forwarders. Jubilee is now set to become
a one-stop solution provider for all freight
forwarding services including customs
clearance for International cargo
They are the first to offer a money-
back guarantee on their express cargo
services. Keeping customer satisfaction
in mind, they launched the cash-on-
delivery scheme and are also the first
to announce a toll-free number to look
into complaints and requests.
Plan to do more Road shows.
Plan to participate and organized events in fairs and create awareness.
Sponsorship in various events (including cultural,
Brand promotion through Direct Marketing tools.
Product presentations in front my target customers
(common people).
GATI can be classified based on their general
pricing strategy.  GATI must decide whether their
approach is to use price as a competitive advantage
or to seek competitive advantage in non-price ways.

Discount Pricing –
Competitive Pricing –
Full Price Pricing –
There are many ways GATI can be categorized depending
on the characteristics being evaluated.  For their purposes
they separate services and products based on six factors
directly related to major marketing decisions:
Target markets served.
Product offerings.
Pricing structure.
Promotional emphasis.
Distribution method.
Service level.
Set up of Gati Nagar in Bhuj District in
the year 2001(for Gujarat Earthquake
Gati Government School in Hyderabad
started in the year 2003
30 lakhs donation by Gati Family to
Tsumani victim
The company posted its highest net profit of Rs.
10.37 crore, recording a growth of 87% from the
previous year profit of Rs. 5.55 crore.
The income for the year at Rs. 361 crore was up
17% from the previous year's income of Rs. 309
The market capitalization of the company has grown
to Rs. 263 crore, post rights issue, compared to Rs.
65 crore last year.
Create awareness of the company and
company’s products and services
among the common people by
undertaking promotional activities.
Conduct customers meet every year
Show to customers companies new
technologies, new products, new
procedures for delivering materials &
launching of new promotional materials
like broachers, banners & pamphlets
Mumbai, January 11, 2007: GATI
Limited, a pioneer in the logistics
sector in India, today announced the
signing of a comprehensive
Memorandum of Understanding
(MoU) with China Railway Express
International Logistics Company
Ltd (CREIL), a market leader in
China for rail and road cargo and
package delivery. This unique tie up will
Gati in India has delivery capability in 594
out of 602 districts in India and China
Railway Express International Logistics
(CREIL) has presence in 500 Cities in all
31 provinces of China.
This MoU would result into end-to-end
distributions solutions from anywhere in
India to everywhere in China and vice
versa .
The two companies will cooperate in the
development of freight forwarding,
Gati in India has a large fleet of 2000+
vehicles and CREIL had 3500+ vehicles
covering even the remotest corner of
respective country
...Gati today offers 1.0 million sq ft of
warehousing space with a plan to
double up in next 3 years ,and CREIL
has 2.0 million sq ft of warehousing
space in China .
Therefore bringing a perfect synergy in
GATI must develop Relationship Retailing for development
of Retail Business
Which will help the company…
To establish and maintain long-term bonds with
customers, rather than act as if each sales transaction
is a completely new encounter.
Company must concentrate on the total retail experience
and which will helps in generating more business.
Stay in touch with customers.
Promotional Focus.
(Advertising Direct Mail –Personal Selling ,Direct marketing)