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Assessment Cover Sheet

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Bachelor Engineering Technology

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Course Title:

Market yourself


Mohammed al Nasser


Eman Al shamlawi


Due Date: 24th May 2015

Date submitted: 24th May

By submitting this assessment for marking,
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hard copy, I confirm the following:

This assignment is my own work

Any information used has been properly referenced.
I understand that a copy of my work may be used for moderation.
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Date of Marking:

Simulated interview:
In general, I believe that the course (Market Yourself) was valuable starting
from the career voyage survey in order to discover my interests and, the job
that suits me and related to my study. The simulated job interview was
perfect practice for a real life interview. For example; before entering the
simulated interview, there were multiple preparations were accomplish such
as preparing suitable and formal curriculum vitae and cover letter that are
related to the job I am applying. Besides, researching about how does
interview are conducted and about the most common questions that could be
asked during the interview in order to have a full awareness to attend a
realistic interview. The whole experience will help me in the future when
applying for real jobs.
There are major outcomes were learned during this course. The first outcome
is how to write formal and suitable curriculum vitae (CV). In the past, i used
to think that the CV should contain a lot of irrelevant information including all
my experience, knowledge, skills and interests. However, during this course I
learned how to construct my CV using relevant content and same language
that the company I am applying for is using. Also, I learned that a CV should
not include unnecessary information and should be focusing on the
experience and skills related to the job. This will help the interviewer to
obtain more specific information about me. Moreover, by writing the CV in
with same language that the company uses will give the employers the
impression that I am targeting the job. In order to have the interviewers
attention the CV should be brief, relevant, professional and direct to the
The second outcome is how to demonstrate an appropriate cover letter to
before presenting the CV. My preparation for my cover letter was by
supporting my ready cover letter with the resources available on my
university website (Moodle), for example; I used the template, examples
available on website and the tutor help. My cover letter contained my key
skills, background information, job experience and it contained information
about the position I am applying for.
The simulated interview part came after completing both the CV and the
cover letter parts. My preparations for the simulated interview were using the
resources available on the web such as videos, articles. The resources I
collected helped to know the most common questions that could be asked
during the interview and how to answer and support my answers with real
examples and situations. One of the most common questions that I searched
about and was asked in the interview is to talk about myself; the perfect
answer for this question is by talking about my qualification and previous
Word count: 1,089

experience. In addition, I learned that when the interviewer gives me the

opportunity to ask questions, it is superior to ask questions about the next
career step for the job and challenges that might face me during my work.
Besides, I learned how to avoid the most common mistakes that may happen
during the interview, for example; chewing gum, sitting impropriate or dress
unprofessional. Furthermore, when the interviewer asked me about my
weaknesses, my answer was I always double check my work before
submitting it to ensure that my work is 100% right, this issue affects the
timing given to complete the task. To overcome this problem I should improve
my time management skill and organize my work before starting.

Connecting to life events:

Before attending the simulated interview, I attended several interviews. The
previous interviews were quit similar to the simulated regarding the questions
and the environment. The simulated interview was similar to the one I did the
manager of call center in SELA company and that supports the idea of how
realistic the simulated interview. The same scenario occurred during the
simulated interview, except that the CV and cover letter were different. The
new CV and cover letter contained more relevant information about the job I
am applying for (Assistant engineering manager in BAPCO). i founded easy
this time to prepare my CV due to that I have already worker in BAPCO in the
power plant department and I have already held many projects that my help
me during my work in BAPCO.
Engineering skills that will help me to have the job:
1. Analyzing method: this will help to detect the problems and solve
them in more technical methods.
2. Simulations skills: this will help to simulate the projects will be
held and see the response of the output of the project before
building it.
These are the main skills required for any engineering job.
On the interview day, I arrived 15mins earlier and I started to prepare my
papers before entering the interview room. On the interview, at the beginning
I was little bit nervous, however; once I started answering the questions I was
calm and confident with my answers. One of the questions that I answered
was (how I will benefit BAPCO), my answer was (by using my simulating skill
and experience to simulate the projects before building them to reduce the
cost of rebuilding and fixing any errors in them).

Word count: 1,089

Connecting with a text/video;

During my searching in the web, reading articles and watching videos, I
focused on the section that says what to do and not to do during the
interview in order to represent myself in a professional way and to ovoid the
slight mistakes that may affect obtaining the job. At the beginning I did
research about BAPCO and the nature of the work in order to have strong
background about the company, (BAPCO, Out Company). After that,, I started
practicing and rehearsing to build some confident in myself. Then, I started
watching some videos available on moodle about things not to do during the
interview. Furthermore, I read some article about the importance of the 30
second elevator and how these few seconds will decide whether the
candidate is suitable for the job or not and to force the employers to hire you,
(Good Interview Answer to "Tell me about yourself).

To conclude, it was valuable and useful experience to attend this course. It
will help me to improve building my knowledge and skills in order to market
myself in more professional and formal by constructing good CV and cover
letter. The stimulated interview added more knowledge and experience to my
previous experience. In the future, if I had the opportunity to attend the
interview again I would overcome the situation I had at the beginning of the
interview and prepare more for it.

Word count: 1,089

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Word count: 1,089