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‘How is Beyoncé represented ssh a feminist? Choose thre aitferent platforms. ‘Te brand image of Beyoncé i bul on 2 foundation of feminism and women empowerment; she thas been able to achave tis through her extensive lit performance lead music vidos and empowering yrs from her early days with the female Br group Destinys Child Te constant chant ‘of independence from her early days within the gt group helped establish her ois brand image by which was abl to faunch her sol, RnB dven career. Despite this, the polemic nature of texts allows forthe reacing ofthe techniques utilised in order to achieve success, tbe paradoxical towards feminism ing into a patriarchal power base tsng her body ad physeal appearance ‘to gain credit, an idea seen in Laura Muveye theory ofthe Male Gaze’ ‘The performance led music vdeo "Run the Worl dlls the regal Cleopatra inspred Beyons in ‘ront of heal female army in the opening low angled establshing sho ofthe vdeo. We see Beyoncé using her Cleopatra inspired autfiting to help connote andlaforce he often etrred tortitle"Queen Bey", and in tun, her feminist standpoint. Here we sae Beyonce in Pa USP unique seling point) of her siva stance again helping wo connate power and authority. Wesee Beyonce leading an army ina seemingly post-apocalyptic environment. The mise-en-scene coud infer the ‘qulbrum ofthe dystopian realty hasbeen broken due to male influence, This nation lanchored In subsequent scenes displaying the male army a army atte playing into the preferred reading, {and opposing the female amy We can deduce, fom ths vdeo that Beyoncé constiucts herself ae 2 futuristic female marty, opposing he male and fighting the pression of males, yng nt a past feminist point of view. The lve performance of her song "Parton" from the Mrs Carter World tour may pant a diferent image of Beyonce when dscussing whether she san actual feminist. Within the Wve performance, (8 performance heavy relyieg on intertextualty fran audience to understand the prefered ceaing we witness Beyoncé using scenes ofthe conceptual muse vdeo “Partition” to aid the naratve, Beyonce styled in her controversial ‘pple des’ which ganed wide press coverage within the ‘media and isting a dea of moral panic within the general publi, debating 9s to whether her concert wes age appropriate forher target audlence, Throughout the duration ofthe perfomance, the audiences subject to viewing Beyoncé via very low-key ghting, allowing the msc-en-scene to ‘connote enigma, mystery an female. The igting that dd make Beyonce iste was arose shaded colour, focused exclusively, at points on the female zenual orgon, paying ito eas of friinity ‘and sewaliy We can se that Beyoncé tilsing her female sexuality as vehicle o represent her ower within the performance, acceptable and even praised by pst feminism. This however, 3 common technique used within creating a strand brand image, agai tlsing the USP of he “ava” stance to help focus the audience on her prefered reading. Anegatated reader may deduce the dea that Beyoncé is utlsing seduction to represent this power; playing into Aare: theory that ‘ethnic character i into one of four characters within the mel: in hice, the voi temps IRean also be seen asa drat contrast to traditional feminism as she is inadvertent reinforcing & patrlarle power base by relegating herself othe statu of objects tobe admire, eas coined by laura Move. ‘within the tour poster ofthe Mrs Carter Show World Tour we see Beyoncé playing om her regal USP again of her ttle “Queen Bey, paying homage to the Bish monarchy with her queen inspired styling alongside the mise-en-cene. This pastiche plays wellinto Beyonce’ fan bas, a they are named the “Sey Hive”. The dea that she as been sven this way inmeditelygitifies her target lence sense of personal identty and community within her fandom. The stig not only lays into her USP, bu tals inadvertently creates amore definitive lnk between her ard her British fans, as this poster was used to advertise the European leg ofthe "Mrs Cater Weld Tow", Beyoncé in this instance has created a very direct ink to personaly interacting wth her Bishan base; heightening the gratifieatin felt within those members of her audience. With Beyonce adoption of this tla, It connotes the idea that he has powers, apaying an ides for women to strive too. ‘elates to Richard Dyre's theory of ‘Utopian Solutions’ the dea that an audience sek sense of abundance within mela. she Is able to create a feminist ideal for women to stvefer, using eri font to help connote her power and egal aspect alongside the lured throne within the background To conclude, to dscuss whether Beyonce is ula femins ito discuss what defines a femini Since the emergence ofthe Sufapetts movement of the 1800's there hasbeen various vines that have branched ofthe feminist tee. tle clear to se that Beyonce represents hers as a modern ay feminist, not ashamed to tlie her body in order tobe seen as powerful to anavdience, However due tothe polysemic nature of texts, her preferred representation canbe readin various ways: tisaso important to understand that audiences pick and choose which medas affect them, relating to Gaunt’ ida ofthe Pick and Wi theory.