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savas ‘Ate: Avalailty of Stites Steel Grades BRITISH STAINLESS STEEL ASSOCIATION ome cowract Making the Most of Stainless Stee! Sect qick ek [90 faterseaentem [60 feme Tele ep Tele Liary Conmeccia! Guiness Super TECHNICAL HELP [About Stainless Stoo Fag ‘Technical Library ‘Special Topics ‘Technical Enquiries Publication & Products Featured Articles & Publications [BSA Understanding Stainless Steel - Centenary Fries Pack 100 Years of Stans Steet 8 Stay Bright -A Hator of Stains Stees in Bran by BSA Guide to Staness ‘Steal Spectatons - 2nd Eston ‘Avalabity of Stanioss Stoo! Grades Cettng the Best out of Steal - Where to Find Them Duplex Stairess Stels- A ‘Simpitied Guide Fabcating Duplex Stainless steal Importance of Surface Fish Inthe Desgn of Staness Steal Mote Than aust Seating the Surface A Practical Approach to Surface Fish ‘The Than and Now of Etetropotshing Stains Stoo! lanes steel fasteners European Standards - Referenced Standards for Star 8 Steel Prosucs European EN Standard Grade summary Availability of Stainless Steel Grades Availability of Stainloss Stee! Products The tables below ge an lnlction ofthe avatably of stants see! Nat and lang products. The intention sto gve esignrs and specs same lea of how easy wl be fo sours ther noice f grade and product form. The Information hhas boon creatod as a respons fo enqutos for rare grades which are cu to source in small quantile ‘Commons ro iv onthe tables. tis hal wth sucha large amount of information that there are some ferences of ‘prion about the avalabilty of some grades I you wart to make a coment on ths table please ema fo ‘ssababesa Availability of Flat Products Grades from EN 10088-2 ‘The table below contsins all grades Isto in EN 10088-2. The meaning ofthe avalailty stores is: + -Resaly available tom any recognised stares soa stockholder 2-Aualable tom a sgntieant numberof specials stalnless stool stockholders {3 Avalale fom a tite numberof supers 4 Available only tom stiles see mils i suient quantity requied 5- Not practical available WA. Not applicable - Incales thal the grade snot intended fo be made in that produc form, For example, most fete (fades would not be made as pate {eairare Beanie fast pss prerus is Tera | ge [ost Sen fast f pacueTie faze a co — INA ran ae mE SCRMSTTEZ [sar a pacman fase —— i L L INA TRE Ta a berocrsre fara i ae TCR fare ae reas ca TF 000 eT Ez ipuhnww bssacrg ukopcs php Particle CB48teatured=1 savas ‘Atice:Avalailty of Stites Steel Grades Datasheets ‘Stee Datasheets for nisi ‘Adhesive Bonding of Staines SIT ERMOTEET Tubular Products sosaonsftinesseoe | Fo torte tod precnng are indies SORT EL a a TES Stine Stel Pipe Fabreaton cee an Swing Poo Butings fame Euolnocpromstes Succ | ERR Stanlese Stns SASS) paren jenaaae Stainlst Sted in Indoor = [sect 2 [ses ft Faerie 3 a a SREMEUET i eset — sss a eae rae L L —e T k= fect I ———— — EAM f Tene rar Krone — — a HeMnRTET o— i a ENR 5 [sr por re CARNES [asrt__—— par zm pocarouT ss [ase ——— ees co L 1 ToRMSENSIES [sar prcmmecunnarz=8 Tass i L T k DxCAAIoN2 EES — soot DOE rE i Tate TORTS eee oa TRUS benonzs a oe 000 ase I i i L [se ae Ce Hoek -cp aaa ST ERAT [oe Een xa —_ EAUNIMENTT 5 fase hacemenr2 jase nos |F8 205 kb anema eS — Rac pa TF iF ipuhwow bssa rg uktopics phpPaticleCB4Bteatured=1 25 savas ipuhwow bssa rg uktopics phpPaticleCB4Bteatured=1 ‘Atice:Avalailty of Stites Steel Grades ANSENET Tar fr ae — pocmmastess Tiaeen i L t EE Availability of Long Products Grades from EN 1088-3 “The table bolow contains all grades Isto in EN 10088-2, The meaning of th avalailty stares is: += Realy availabe fom any recognised stares see! stockholder 2-Avalale fom a signiicant number of speci stainless stool stocsholders '3-Avalate fom a tite numberof supers 4 Avaliable only from sires I mils i suiert quantity quired 5 Not practical avalale LWA. Not appiabl - Incates tat tne grade eno intended fo be made in that produc form, For example, mos! ferte ‘grades woul not be made as pate “The table below contains all grade sod in EN 10088-2, In ation, there are some grades notin the cure etion but ihc ae expected to be in flue eaons, Some heat rising sels tom EN T0085 and seep resting sel rom EN ‘0202 ae also ncludea Fama [eae cea r= seer Eine st hs DRS S ES oes ra ome oe L i Pesce Fao ao te =a pacar ae 10 oo BOS pacar Has i i i i L oe pest ae a —— L se pean Te T f r T — pacar Hae i i L ie pocxererere im t Fecaener-1 fasae cl bacon S00 at mz ie pacer nar T becca fart r pecize fers r i Tee sas ee Te IT ca ne i corse fae t Dero rae L i CaS Ie TTS = rx Eo 00 bec fooe ie 0 baecrs or eo fe ra posers Hse a0 rao | hates 1 2 poser oo ao re Ste beacons fase [eo oo bascntere fae T pesocrmavie Hae i i oe frescnmere ao t beracowest7 foe r bascamet=7 fae Ba pareneez sr co se ST oN pecxmmare ae i 500 — FT Bo Pacrmstes7 fare L EST Ra TORT ae a a ay TIT AIST a T = cir faze 1 Ba =RERTET ee T 7 ae Socowar7 Fae 1 70 [rr = SCANS AETES re a0) IN c an a a TS RITTER rar T 7 savas ‘Atce: Avalailty of Stites Steel Grades irom Has t i i ke [esecrramonze rr Paso Ba froma fez L B eens ia Bor 00 ST ha pacmmes 0 [po Ss = r becurer fsor poe a fas SacmNTE oT Boa = Er pscnie- Foor Boe 00 poss 1 pacusTe se Bos 0 i r Pescara fear Ba 0 TT bacon faa BOS 0 peer Hoe i Sos) [aa oh pacman Te aor se Secor aor 0 TST — SecmMDT EE nor Se pacers aa Sacrament faze 5 pacer fae Ta Sacameres fase 700 acumen Te rae ST ecrwcusrecz far pacmcurese Fencemmaaee hecoarer Secours DsCANTET pecumreTe bercramoncn ze Sacmener =z pacar Pacaeenecorns costae Serco Parzen camer Pecans pacmcaresz TEC MTT peenmacesir62——— Hronmoc amas okcntscat.267 SacneeNEe Toe xcleNho Tees — [sie i Bivona ERNE i romano 1 oe pcan caine f ee (SoRERETET at S| — ae prscrsee sa — brzonas.3 fsa fs ms ae SacnsncerT —_—I Te oars pocnas71 Hee aS — sso STO 2 prscresesrr fase Frawcrsoee fae paoRrSDE fae ——— i TH i Ta ar TR Cop SATE pacNSTTET ert acre foe foe oe anc ETE faa ——T om HE i i Ens vest San TTT pacer = a Ta Facarmnar 7 — zi oro SacRMSNT Sz I aa i i ee ee a TOT pacers ——_ cd zs facxmocerrre Beer [cence od a aE pacnmowsrat — =a par oe pacomocurnes — Ter oo Facxmesress ——! a fracrunenticanae2 bor | one pacman faa ——T ipuhnww bssarg ukopcs php Particle CB48teaturede1 sa015 ‘Atco: Availabilty of Staitess Stal Grades top os, Please read our cookie policy for Sie Map Terns & Conitions Membr Aea_ Cokie oley This site uses lone Means Continuing to use ths website we assume you are MapDy io vel 52.45 cepa © 20:5 arth Santas Sol ésaon eo egy tee by Ls Dita pu besa arg uktopes php Particle C848teatirade 1 55