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Courses: Spanish I, II, & III

Information, Syllabus, Rubrics

Instructor: Julianne G.

Dear Parents, Guardians, & Students: Welcome to Spanish class. This
is a semester course in which you will work on and perfect your
listening, writing, and speaking skills. In Spanish I & II, we will have
Immersion Days in which we speak nothing but Spanish. In Spanish
III, immersion day is everyday. To succeed regardless of the level,
come to class prepared and be ready to participate. Please read and
sign below to acknowledge that you are aware of our class rules.

Come to class prepared to learn and work. Be prepared to focus
everyday but especially on “immersion days”. When the bell
rings, I expect you to be in your seat, ready to start class. If you
are outside the door when the tardy bell rings, you WILL be tardy.
Pencils are required on tests. Pencils/blue/black pens may be
used on everything else. 10 points will be deducted on tests that
have not been taken with pencils.
Spanish name and date are required on all work. 10 points will be
deducted on papers without a name.
There are 5 minutes between classes which is plenty of time for
priorities. However, you will receive 2 bathroom emergency
passes. Upon their use, you will sign your name and date on the
back and turn them in. When all 3 have been used, you will face
a Spanish writing punishment that will increase each time you
have to leave.
No eating/drinking is allowed in class as we frequently move
around the room during activities. You may have gum and
bottled water only.
Cheating/copying will earn you & your partner a -0- for that
Exemptions are only for final exams. We follow the school board
requirements for exemptions.
You will receive a class passport. You will also have a chance to
earn stickers and smileys to put in your passport. Each
sticker/smiley = 1 point that will be added to your mid-term or
final exam.
If you are absent at any time, I will make sure you receive your
make up work. You have 3 days to complete the work. Any work
not received after 3 days will receive a -0- for each assignment
not done.

I do not accept late work or give drop grades. Occasionally I will
give extra credit. However, if you do what you should, you won’t
need it.
I do send out progress reports around the middle of each 9
weeks. You and your parents/guardians need to keep updated on
your progress. Just as it is my responsibility to make sure you
leave this class with usable knowledge for the real world, it is
yours and your parents’/guardians’ responsibility to keep
updated on your scores and to make sure you do your best in
class. I do expect them to be signed and returned. If they are
signed and returned, it is worth a free 100 major grade.
In each unit, you will be given OWL (Oral/Written Language)
assignments. When instructed, you will be given a phone number
to a voicemail system to call. When you call, state your name
and then begin reading your assignment. The number is 5981201.
Your oral assignments and written essays are graded on the
ACTFL scale of 1-5. A 5 is Superior and is equivalent to 100. A 1
is nonperforming and is equivalent to 0. You will receive a copy of
both the oral and written scale.
I teach for the real world. I do NOT teach random words or
phrases that you will never use. Likewise, I teach a combination
of Mexican Spanish and Spain Spanish. So, just because I use one
word and someone you know uses another does NOT mean
either of us is wrong.
We do have a class website that is updated daily. Some of your
assignments will be found there and you will be instructed when
to go to that site. The address is The rubrics, class
syllabus, grading scale, class information and fun links are all
Lastly, you WILL need a 3-ring binder for this class. I will not
accept any other type of notebook. Your binder needs to be for
this class only. In other words, all other classwork needs to be
kept everywhere else. Your binder sections should be labeled as
Spanish 1:
Spanish 2:
Spanish 3:

Please feel free to contact me through the school office (837-7583),
email (, or through our class website with any questions you have. I
look forward to a great school year.

I have read and understand that I/my child is expected to follow the
rules of class as stated above.