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English IV

Homework Unit 9
Christian Rovano
English Teacher


Lesson A:
Exercise 1:
Were running - Were riding - Were listening Decided Bumped - Rode
Happened - Was studying - Was walking Saw Got Forgot Stood Said Walked Went
Exercise 2:
Was doing ----- rang
Was telling ---- was getting
Deleted ---- was trying
Were having ---- spilled
Were going --- sent
Was talking---- ran
Exercise 3:
a guy was eating lunch he was reading a book when a dog came and ate lunch
a man was riding a bicycle when he saw a beautiful woman, so he hit a tree and was dizzy
Exercise 4:
I saw our teacher in a bright red sports car.
I was cooking
my cat went up to the table and ate dinner with my girlfriend
a mime he approached interrupt
They were surprised that all students were at the time
I realized that it is better to be myself
Lesson B:
Exercise 1-A:
Face Shoulder back nose ankle thumb elbow chest foot arm head neck leg
Exercise 1-B:
Back leg face wrist toe eye elbow hand neck nose
Execise 2:
How did she hurt herself?
How did she sprained herself?
as his back hurt?
How did he cut himself?

Exercise 3:
what were you doing?
why were you looking?
Who was that man?
He was playing with you?
where was it?
Lesson C:
Exercise 1:
Exercise 2:
I bet no one even noticed.
I bet that she wasn't very wake up
I bet that warranty not it deemed.
I bet that you don't like that music.
I bet you feel embarrassed yesterday.
I bet that you feeling with lucky
Exercise 3:
I ran after him and called his name. When I got there, and saw the guys face, I knew he wasnt my
friend. I didnt know this guy at all.
Oh, no! I bet you were embarrassed.
I realized I did not have my wallet in the pocket look inside my backpack and found it.
Oh, no! you had a very tense momento.
surprise me so scared I thought that would give me a heart attack.
great, I must have been fun.
inadvertently suddenly lightning struck a tree and throwing it on the car callendo, my brother is fine
but the car did not stay good..
oh no, very frightening must.
Lesson D:
Exercise 1-A:
flashes of light in the sky.
Exercise 1-B:

because The unusual event a few years ago.

because he noticed his suburn after he went into the restaurant.
beacuse the server was laughed by the man's appearance.

because after a few days.

Exercise 2-A:
When While When.
While - When While When.