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Bagnalls Technology Policy

This policy is for a Grade 10-12 CTS Finance class. Technology can
be a big part of the Finance industry. This policy will help to keep
the students focused on learning finance through the technology
used in the industry while still being respectful of themselves and
others. My policy will reflect a school that allows mobile devices
inside the classroom.
Rationale: Technology in the classroom can be a great attribute to
learning; but also a great deterrent to learning if used improperly.
By setting aside some rules and guidelines for the students to
follow, I hope to use technology in order to enhance the students
learning. Students will be given equal opportunity to base access
to technology while some students will have their own technology
that can supplement learning.
Cell Phones:
When the teacher is talking (or another student is
presenting), mobile phones will be placed on the desks,
screen down to prevent distractions.
During work times, students are allowed to use their mobile
devices for music purposes or the RARE (1-2 per class) text
Cell phones will be used in some of the learning exercises.
Students are encouraged to use their cell phones to the
best of their ability in these situations.
There will be no warnings regarding inappropriate cell
phone usage in my classroom. If a student is abusing their
cell phone rights, the student will place their cell phone on
the teachers desk face down for the rest of class.
Student Laptops/iPads
Students can use their personal computers at their own risk.
The teacher/school is not responsible for any loss/damage
to the students property.
Students will only use their devices when appropriate to the
If there is any abuse of the rights regarding their personal
computers, the student will relinquish their technology to
the teacher for the rest of class.

School Computers
School computers will be respected as if they are the
students own.
Any student caught using school computers for any abuse
to themselves or any of students will lose their technology
privileges and be required to complete the course through
other means.
Any damage to the computers will have to be repaid by the
Online Etiquette in the classroom
Any student found bullying another student with any
technology will be immediately reported to administration.
Before posting anything online, students will be required to
ask themselves to THINK
o T Is it TRUE?
o H Is it HELPFUL?
o K Is it KIND?
Students will not share any personal information of theirs,
or any other students.
Students will not share passwords/usernames with anyone
except the teachers/administrators
Students will be encouraged to report any of the previous
misgivings to the teacher.
If there are any questions/comments/concerns with the above
policy, feel free to contact me to have a conversation at 403-7154556 or through e-mail at
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