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Wanjiku Wainaina & Jason Bridger

Dr.Christopher Carey
The Great Debates:outline
First Affirmative Constructive Speech
Undocumented workers need to be granted asylum because of all the ways that they benefit the
American economy. From agriculture to social security benefits, Undocumented workers are the
backbone of the United States' economy. It would be impractical and costly to deport and refuse
any immigrant entireness into the United States through unauthorized means, however the US
should come up with a program that allows undocumented workers who have lived in the states
and have demonstrated that they are good citizens. It is more beneficial to the societies that
undocumented workers live to be given amnesty and be allowed a chance of pursuing the
American Dream.
If citizens then access to legal systems to fight against work abuse. They would also have the
ability to purchase medical insurance which would benefit everyone because when a patient
lacks insurance it relies on taxpayers to pay.
If undocumented workers were granted citizenship then they must be paid at least minimum
wage and this would lead to many improvements to their lives. On an economic view, an
increase in wages would mean more money for spending for these workers boosting the
economy further. Another benefit of an increase wage would be raising this underclass more out
of poverty which has been used to abuse them in the workforce and discriminatory practices.
An increase in low-skilled workers would give higher-skilled workers a division in labor
allowing the high-skilled workers to focus solely on their work leading to an increase in
Some states already give some rights to undocumented workers like in California where
undocumented workers can come to the state about unfair work practices. They have other
programs like allowing the undocumented to attend colleges paying a in-state level and some
states even allow in-state voting rights.
Allowing these workers the right to vote would create a more representative democracy which
leads to policies that directly represent the views of the people.
First Affirmative Rebuttal Speech 3 minutes

It cost about $18,000 - $23,000 per apprehension and if the government was to do a mass
deportation program. And if the program was implemented only 20% would leave. the
Department of Homeland Security (DHS) would then need to find and detain the other 80%.
DHS would then need $17 billion a year to keep undocumented immigrants out; it would cost an
estimate of $250 billion per year to keep mass deportation program going.
Not Paying Taxes:
Research done by economist Jesus Ramirez argued that most undocumented workers are
exemplary citizens and even go as far as paying social security benefits. He further explained
that undocumented workers contributed an estimate of $15 billion in social security and $1.5
billion in medicaid. Out go the $15 billion that in social security, undocumented worker take $1
billion, very few undocumented workers are eligible to receive benefits ( Davidson, A. 2013).
Immigrants are taking my jobs
The overwhelming majority of jobs that undocumented workers hold are quote undesirable
work. The work they do would mostly not want to be done by U.S. workers. These workers also
pay taxes so its not devastating the economy.
US is too generous to immigration
America was built on this idea of immigration. Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled
masses yearning to breathe free, - Part of a poem written on a plaque on the Statue of Liberty.
This type of mentality has been used for Americas entire life. Immigrants come to the US then
turn around and say no more immigrants; this was obvious with the Irish and Chinese where this
too generous stance turned many people away.
Deporting creates new jobs
Where would all of the $250 billion dollars annually come from? It would need to be taken out
of other programs hurting the country in a completely different way.
Allowing them to stay is an incentive for other immigrants to come
Undocumented workers know they can live here without being constantly chased after so this
wouldn't change anything. There is still thousands of people coming to the US regardless if it is
legal or not. The point is not to make them criminals but to let them benefit the country.