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Due Date: Day 1 (June 8 Block 1, 2, 3) (June 9 Block 4)

Performance Assessment
The Carnival Game
This project requires you to use mathematics you have studied in the Probability unit. In this project, you will work with a
group/individually (maximum of 2 people) to create a game for a carnival that will take place in our classroom.
Individually, you will write a report to the carnival committee about your game.
STEP 1: Design a Carnival Game
o Think about supplies needed to construct the game.
o The game must be easy to set up and be able to be played in the classroom. No darts, balloons, etc. Be
creative, but be reasonable.
o The game should not take long to play and must be easily understood by people your age.
o Include rules/directions for your game that are easy to understand.
STEP 2: Determine Theoretical Probability of Your Game
o Calculate the theoretical probability of winning your game. Show your calculations and possible outcomes.
o Do not create a game that is too complicated to determine your theoretical probability.
o Remember that you cannot determine theoretical probability with games that require skill, or games that require
throwing or tossing when a player has a chance of missing the target.
STEP 3: Determine the Experimental Probability of Your Game
o Test whether your game is reasonable by experimenting. Your group should play the game at least 10 times or
until you feel confident that you can predict what will happen in the long run.
o Record your data from the trial. This will go on the poster and the report.
STEP 4: Create a Poster
Your poster will display important aspects of your game. This will be displayed in the classroom and hallway so
make them good!
Your poster should have the following requirements:
o Rules for the game make them easy to understand.
o Theoretical probability for winning you do not have to show your calculations on the poster.
o Experimental probability for winning test your game at least 10 times to calculate this.
STEP 5: Write a Report to the Carnival Committee
Your report must be done individually and should include the following:
o Description of the game including rules/directions.
o Theoretical probability of winning the game show calculations and explain how you calculated it.
o Experimental probability of winning the game show data collected from trials, your calculations, and
explain how you determined the experimental probability.
STEP 6: Prepare for Carnival
o Your classmates will actually play your games, so you need to have all supplies ready to go.
o You will need to set up your game with your poster so people can see how it is played.

Carnival Game Rubric

Group Members:
GAME DESIGN (40 Points)
Rules for the game (0-15 points)

Rules for the game are clear, complete, and address how to play the game.
Rules for the game are clear but incomplete. One of the above requirements is missing.
Rules do not address at least two of the requirements. Rules cannot be followed.
Rules are not included

Poster (0-15 points)



Poster is neat, colorful, and easy to read. It includes the rules, the experimental and theoretical
Poster is neat and colorful, though it could be more organized. One of the previous
requirements is missing.
The poster is not appealing. It is missing at least two of the requirements.
The poster is not included.

Creativity (0-10 points)


Number of points awarded for creativity.

Total Group Grade ____________/40

Written Report (Individual)
______ (0 10 points)