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Koinon Oropion

Institute for research on Politics,

History, Culture and Local
54, Marmara st. Nea Palatia
19015, Oropos


Wednesday, May 20, 14
Joint action with Democratic Europe Now on May 17th
As the 2014 elections for the European Parliament approach, and given
the challenges for Europe in the near future, Koinon Oropion joined
Democratic Europe Now for the Europe-wide action day that took
place on May 17th. For this day, young people got together in public
places all around the continent for actions and events, calling citizens
to vote for a better, more democratic Europe and to press our
upcoming leaders to strengthen EU democracy.
In Oropos, 40km north of Athens, in Greece, we hosted an open panel
discussion on Democracy and the Youth, from the local Administration
to the United Europe with the support of the City of Oropos.
Our guest speakers were Mr Dimitris Giokas, an economic analyst in a
shipping company, Ms Yliana Mazanitou, an agriculturist and activist,
and Mr Sotiris Tsadaris, the youngest Member of Oropos City Council.
The moderator was Mr Athanasios Grammenos, general manager of
Koinon Oropion.
The speakers referred to the challenges for democracy in our days,
from the economic, political and social perspective. The agreed that
open governance and more transparency in required to national and
European level. Democracy means that the people hold the power, so

the political executives, technocrats and lobbyists cannot continue

calling the shots in the EU, said Mr Tsadaris.
A vivid discussion with the audience followed, where it became obvious
that the people want to stand up together to build a truly democratic
Europe a Europe that is created and shaped by and for the citizens.
Koinon Oropion wishes to thank Democratic Europe Now for the
initiative, as well as the City of Oropos for providing the venue.