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Interview Script for Businesses

We are a group of Master students from Catlica-Lisbon School of Business and Economics. Within
our course Lean Entrepreneurship Project we are developing an online platform for students where
they can rate universities according to different criteria and exchange knowledge about individual
study experiences.
We want know more about our customers, which are businesses who cater to students in order to
explain and finally win them over to sign advertising contracts with our company.
Now let us cut the first turf:
1: What are the main areas of your business?
A: Service
B: Other
If A: Proceed
If B: Thank you for your participation. We really appreciate your help.
2: What are your Key Customers?
A: University students
B. Other
If A: then proceed
If B: Thank you for your participation. We really appreciate your help.
3: Presentation of UNI2GO and wait if person gives feedback
If yes: respond short and precise.
If no: proceed
4: Did your company ever pay for marketing services and branding?
A: Yes
B: No
If A: Proceed to question 5
If B: Elaborate on the importance of marketing applied to the customers business and proceed. Jump
to question 6


5: How much is the marketing budget?
A: >500 Monthly
B: >1500 Monthly
C: >5000 Monthly
6: Have you had any experience with online advertisement so far?
A: Little
B: Average
C: A lot
If A,B : Elaborate on online marketing and how it can help the persons business.
If C: Explain specifically how advertising works on platform.
7: Presentation of the three advertising packages and elaboration on why they are the perfect
solution to attract more customers in order to grow the business. (Ask if interested to sign
A: Yes
B: No
C: Need more time
If A: Sign contract
If B: Ask for reason, get contact and ask for recommendation.
If C: Get contacts and ask for recommendation and try to set up a next meeting to close the deal.

Thank you for your participation. We really appreciate your help and will take your advices to
improve the platforms services to meet the customers needs and interest.
If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us anytime.
We hope to/or welcome you as a future UNI2GO Partner.