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Nutrition Education

“Balanced Body

Support for the Patient

“Food as Medicine”
By Curt G. Hamilton C.C.N.

Note to the patient: This food effective in knocking out cravings chronically ill and the resulting
plan is designed to balance body for bread, pasta, candy, colas and data showed that thousands of
chemistry and help the body to so on. It is available from your patient’s blood panels normalized
return to normal function. The clinician and may help keep you with no other intervention.
principles and guidelines found in on the right track. As you spend
these two diets were based on the some time on this diet you will In supporting patient’s with
great work of Francis M. likely find it becomes easier and chronic illness, a good rule of
Pottenger M.D. and Weston A. easier and you start to feel and thumb is start with the Phase I
Price D.D.S. Dr. Page emphasized look better and better. Please, stick diet and stay there until great
the complete and absolute with this closely and see if you improvement in blood chemistry
removal of refined carbohydrates, don’t reap the same benefits as and symptoms are noted, then
(such as sugar and processed flour) those thousands of patients did at progress to the Phase II diet.
as well as cow’s milk from the diet the Page Clinic. We would love to Eventually, once a patient’s health
due to its pasteurization and hear about your successes! has returned to normal, then a
resultant damage to the milk gradual transition to the lower
proteins. You might look at this Note to the clinician: The carb Mediterranean Diet is
diet and feel a bit overwhelmed by Phase I and II diet was developed usually possible. As long as the
the fact that there are no “carb by Dr. Melvin Page, a dentist who health of the patient is
foods” listed that you crave. There owned and operated the famous maintained and they are feeling
is a wonderful herb that has been “Page Clinic” in Florida. Blood good they can enjoy the tasty and
used in India for centuries called chemistry panels were done every healthful parameters of the lower
“Gymnema” that has proven 3-4 days on patients who were carb Mediterranean Diet.

Phase I Food Plan
3% or less carbs 6% or less carbs
In Limited Amounts
Asparagus Bell Peppers Butter
Bamboo Shoots Bok Choy Stems Caviar
Bean Sprouts Chives Cottage Cheese
Beet Greens Eggplant Dressing - Oil / Cider Vinegar only
Bok Choy Greens Green Beans Jerky-no additives
Broccoli Green Onions
Cabbages Okra Olives Nuts, RAW (except Peanuts)
Cauliflower Celery Pickles Oils – Butter, Coconut oil, Olive,
Chards Pimento Sesame Seed Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil,
Chicory Rhubarb (no Canola oil)
Collard Greens Sweet Potatoes preferably cold-pressed
Cucumber Tomatoes
Endive Water Chestnuts BEVERAGES
Escarole Yams
Garlic Beef Tea
Kate Bouillon - Beef, Chicken (no MSG)
Kohlrabi VEGETABLES Herbal (Non-caffeine) Teas, Green Tea
Lettuces 7- 9% carbs is an excellent choice. (Don’t worry
Mushrooms about the small amount of caffeine in
Mustard Greens Acorn Squash green tea unless you find you cannot
Parsley Artichokes tolerate it.)
Radishes Avocado Filtered or Spring Water
Raw Cob Com Beets
Salad Greens Brussels Sprouts DESSERT
Sauerkraut Butternut
Spinach Squash Plain Gelatin only
String Beans Carrots
Summer Squashes Jicama MEAT & PROTEIN
Turnip Greens Leeks
Watercress Onion You can enjoy meat within these
Yellow Squash Pumpkin guidelines:
Zucchini Squash Rutabagas
Turnips •Portion size is the size and thickness
Winter Squashes of your palm. Eat twice this portion of
vegetables or more.
•There is no limit on serving size
generally speaking, but be balanced.
•Fowl, (chicken, turkey etc.)
•Red meat, grass fed if at all possible.
If you are not able to get free range
organic choose leaner meats.
•Cold Water Fish
•Eggs, Organic and free range if at all

Phase II Food Plan
3% or less carbs 7- 9% carbs In Limited Quantity -On Limited
Basis (Snacks only, preferably
Asparagus Acorn Squash between meals)
Bamboo Shoots Artichokes Apples
Bean Sprouts Avocado Berries
Beet Greens Beets Grapes
Bok Choy Greens Brussels Sprouts Papaya
Broccoli Butternut Pears
Cabbages Squash Prunes, Fresh
Cauliflower Celery Carrots
Chicory Leeks
Collard Greens Onion In Limited Amounts
Cucumber Pumpkin Butter
Endive Rutabagas Caviar
Escarole Turnips Cottage Cheese
Garlic Winter Squashes Dressing - Oil / Cider Vinegar only
Kate Jerky-no additives
Kohlrabi VEGETABLES Kefir (liquid yogurt)
Lettuces 12 - 21%carbs Milk, Raw if at all possible. Watch for
Mushrooms (On Limited Basis Only 2 -3 X/ wk) food allergy to dairy!
Mustard Greens Nuts, Raw (except Peanuts)
Parsley Celeriac Oils – Butter, Coconut oil, Olive (no
Radishes Chickpeas Canola), Macadamia Nut Oil,
Raw Cob Com Grains, Sprouted preferably cold-pressed
Salad Greens Horseradish
Sauerkraut Jerusalem Artichokes BEVERAGES
Spinach Kidney Beans
String Beans Lima Beans Beef Tea
Summer Squashes Lentils Bouillon - Beef, Chicken (No MSG)
Turnip Greens Parsnips Herbal (Non-caffeine) Teas, Green Tea
Watercress Peas is an excellent choice.
Yellow Squash Popcorn, (if tolerated. Best to avoid if Filtered or Spring Water
Zucchini Squash not sure.) Red Wine only (3 glasses max)
6% or less carbs Soybeans
Sunflower Seeds Plain Gelatin only
Bell Peppers
Bok Choy Stems MEAT & PROTEIN
Eggplant You can enjoy meat within these
Green Beans guidelines:
Green Onions •Portion size is the size and thickness
Okra Olives of your palm. Eat twice this portion of
Pickles vegetables or more.
Pimento •There is no limit on serving size
Rhubarb generally speaking, but be balanced.
Sweet Potatoes •Fowl, (chicken, turkey etc.)
Tomatoes •Red meat, grass fed if at all possible.
Water Chestnuts If you are not able to get free range
Yams organic choose leaner meats.
•Cold Water Fish
•Eggs, Organic and free range if at all

Nutrition Education
“Let food be your
medicine and your
medicine be your
- Hippocrates

Final thoughts
By Curt G. Hamilton C.C.N.

Here are some important guidelines in maximizing hot Green tea is a good choice. This helps insure
your program: better digestion and nutrient absorption.
•No margarine, processed oil, grains, cereals, white
•Raw foods contain more nutrients and enzymes than flour, sugar, fruit juices or sugar substitutes. Stevia is
overcooked foods and are important in this program. an exception.
Roughly 50% of your diet should be raw. This lends •You should drink water as primary beverage and at
toward much better health and body function. So least 1/2 your body weight in ounces. Example 150
remember, do not overcook your foods. pound man=75 ounces of water.
•Meats should be cooked no higher than medium •Eating for Your Blood Type- some patients report
ideally. (Use caution in meats susceptible to bacteria great success when eating according to their blood
like ground round) type. You might consider giving it a try and see if it is
•Fluids- Larger amounts of fluids should be consumed beneficial for you.
one hour before meals or two hours after. Cold fluids
should certainly not be consumed with meals. A little

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