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The Reign of Adolf Hitler

By:Shant Demirjian
Personalized Learning 2015

The topic that I chose for my personalized
learning project is world war two and it's the
part with the Holocaust. The slides below
have a good chance of answering some of
the questions that you had about this time in

Why I chose this topic

My question is was Hitler going to try and get the whole world to be blond hair
blue eyes and also why did Hitler stop and kill himself when he had such a powerful
army. I chose this topic because the Holocaust was a very tragic time in history and
thousands of people died because of one man Adolf Hitler and I wanted to learn more.
My second reason that I chose this topic is I wanted to learn how the Russian and US
forces became so powerful all of a sudden that they just suddenly stopped Hitlers army
from killing more people and doing anymore damage to their lands. My third and final
reason that I chose this topic is I am Armenian and we had a Genocide in 1915 where
1.5 million people passed away, and everyone always tells me at least it wasn't as bad
as the Holocaust and I started to wonder what could be worse than 1.5 million people
passing away and I soon found an answer to that question.

Hitler thought what he was doing

was right
Everyone always thought what Hitler was doing was wrong and they were
right. But some individuals who had talked to hitler before could see in his eyes
that he thought what he was doing was good for his country and right for the
world. Hitler actually in my opinion started this aggression to wipe out a race
because he got rejected from his art school that he wanted to attend. That got
Hitler very mad and when his father found out that Hitler had applied to an art
school he got even more aggressive towards Hitler eventually he just couldn't
take it anymore and he wanted innocent people to feel all of the sadness that
he had experienced in his life.

Hitler tried to get the whole world to be blond

hair blue eyes
Hitler started by wiping out millions and millions of Jews one by one he
wanted everyone in the world to be identical they all had to be blond hair blue
eyes. Some Jews were killed on the spot some sent to concentration camps
just to starve to death or to be tortured until they couldn't take it anymore. I
wouldve rather died then go to a concentration camp because these people
were barely given enough food, water, and clothes to survive the winter.
Before these camps were made Hitler had taken control of the German
government and just started making camps this resulted in a death of over 6
million in the Tragedy of the Holocaust. 3.6 million soviet prisoners died out of
5.5 million in german camps set up by Adolf but that wasnt all that went down in
hitler's attempt he also killed an estimate of over 5.75 million Jews. More were
killed in Russia than other locations.

Hitler had such a powerful army why

did he stop
Hitler stopped because he knew in 24 hours his army was going to be
defeated and that he would be captured so in conclusion he and his wife both
killed themselves to prevent any information of their army or country to be given
away because they would be tortured. Below is a picture of Adolf Hitler and a
picture of the Nazi flag.

Why did hitler kill himself

Hitler was sitting down in his with his wife Bruan when Hitler's General
walked into the room ( General Wilhelm) he reported that all of the troops that
Hitler had called to defend him had either been killed or Surrounded by the
Russian and U.S forces. The general also mentioned that most of the Nazi
army was running out of ammunition and the fight would be over in less than 24
hours. Hitler and his wife Braun then said goodbye to all the members of the
staff including General was 3:30pm when several people heard a
loud gunshot. People immediately burge into hitler's room and both braun and
hitler lay there dead on the floor hitler had shot himself with a gun and braun
had drunk a type of poisonous acid that kills people. The gun laid at Hitler's

The Nazi Army

The Nazi army was very strong and much bigger than the U.S army and
the Russian army this was one of the main reasons why Hitler was so powerful
he had such a big army that it was impossible to stop and certain countries just
couldnt defend against it. The images below show how hard it was to defend
against such a big and powerful army.

How life would've been without the

If the Holocaust had never happened the Jewish population would be so much
bigger today and so many more people wouldn't have to grieve over lost family
members and friends. Also not as many American and Russian soldiers would
have died from this time in history, there would also be more monuments up
today and old structures from the Holocaust but lots of building were lost
because of the bombings and wars that happened between the Nazis V.S the
Russians and Americans.

What do you think about this time in history
was it good or bad? What do you think what
happened if the holocaust had never happened
and Hitler and had just went on to live a normal
life? Finally do you think that Hitler had a
choice in leading the Nazi forces. Thankyou for
listening to my presentation and goodbye.