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Powerpoint Jeopardy

Famous Important Key terms Roman Alexander

Romans people Empire the Great

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He was the central figure in

Who is Jesus?
This Jewish convert spread Christianity from
Mesopotamia to Rome

Who is Paul?
He was the first ruler of the Roman Empire

Who is Augustus?
He was the author of the Roman epic
poem, the Aeneid

Who is Virgil?
This leader of the Carthaginian army
crossed the alps to invade Italy

Who is Hannibal?
A person who suffers or dies for his or her

What is a martyr?
A Roman farmer, merchant, artisan,
or trader

What is a plebeian?
An anointed king sent by God

What is a messiah?
A foreign soldier who serves for pay

What is a mercenary?
Member of the Roman landholding upper class

What is a patrician?
Bridge-like stone structure that brought
water from hills to cities

What is an aqueduct?
This Church official is responsible for all
Christians in an area

What is a bishop?
This is a belief that is contrary to official church

What is a heresy?
This was the basic unit of the
Roman army

What is a legion?
In this type of government, officials
are chosen by the people

What is a democracy?
What did Jesus say that his mission was?

To bring spiritual salvation to believers

Roman art and literature blended Roman
civilization with that of which other

What is Greece?
What did Rome experience after the
deaths of the Gracchus brothers?

What are civil wars?

What did the new wealth that was acquired
from winning an empire do to the gap
between the rich and the poor?

It widened it (Made it
After whose death did the Pax Romana

Who is Marcus
In Roman government, who represented the
rights of the plebeians?

The tribunes
How did the Roman’s treat the Jews of

In general, they tolerated them

Which city did Constantine make the
center of power for the Roman Empire?

What is Constantinople?
Over which issue were the civil wars fought?

Who should hold power

What is a ruler who has complete power

What is a dictator?