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15-9155 oe Waco Police maaan (0n 5-17-15 mombers of the ‘asslste offcers during a Discharge of Firearm and 10-10, between rival gang members at Twin Peaks Restaurant located at Certral Marketplace Wak These oot were ‘caught on ur imear camera, PD Vetle 36 and are as flows (On 5-17-15 at approximately 1520 | was contacted by ft Woc0 Poce Department Fequastng me to come in fo work on my day of to asst due to a Discharge of ee ent 10-0 between rival gang members known oe the Bareldos and Cossacks Meoreyee Cos Gory | arved tothe Waco Poce Tower, was then depatched to the Convention Center to assist officers Upon aval there | wa reassigned by who requesiod that members of he 2 {athe inet perimeter area of Twin Peaks located at 4671'S. Jack Kullgen Expreccwray asi offcers at location. Atha time all members ofthe ‘checked en rove otis location, ‘As we arived on scenein the are ofthe Cabela's parking lo located at 2500 Markeplace Or, members of he ‘oticed three males siting in a rassy ara lcatd in the parking ein ont eek al wearing motorcycle ob vest. made contact wih te three males ‘ow known ae JIM HARRIS, 622-87; DREW KING, 1.684 and JUAN GARCIA, 82:10. Wis erealne ota {hres men a they satin the grassy area, noced al tee were wearing aback leather ves attrac oes Inceating hey were a motarcyle club member. Al te had ona ack leather vest and one Gack at hoe ‘name GRIM GUARDIAN, ROCKER on te top pach and inthe centro the black athe vet hese ey pach wih the symbol fa of a skull on one se and ha ofa Viking aimet onthe athe, Also ahah IMC sending fr motoreyce cub anda botom rocker patch stating the words SLAUGHTER GREEK nope ng the ey they were frm