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Range of Issues in Mexico and


Enrique Pena Nieto:Hi, President Obama! I am currently the leader of Mexico and we are having
multiple problems with the country of Mexico. To begin with, a major problem that is occurring
in Mexico is the economy.
President Barack Obama: Hi, Enrique Pena Nieto! What is wrong with the economy in your
country? Tell me some information that is occurring with it and lets see what we can do about it.
Enrique Pena Nieto: Even though Mexico is the 13th largest economy in the world,there is a
nominal gross domestic product that is topping $1 trillion in past and recent years. Also, almost
half of the population is below poverty line which isnt so good to be proud about. Also, there is
18% in dire poverty which is a pretty good amount.
President Barack Obama: That is not very good to hear because the economy is an important part
of a country. Having a bad economy is not good because then the people living in the country
wont have a good lifestyle and it will eventually go downhill. Is there anything that is trying to
improve this?
Enrique Pena Nieto: Yes there is! Well, oil is a great producer and exporter. This oil helps
provide a great portion of government revenue which helps us improve the economy and make it
a better place to live. Is there any problems that you are having in your country President Barack
President Barack Obama: Yes, a big issue that is occurring in the United States is the idea of
immigration. Each year the percent and amount keeps on increasing and this is starting become a
problem since there is so much people. Apparently, 40.8 million Mexican born people live in the
United States and this makes it the largest immigration group in the country. But everyone that
moves to the USA isnt considered a US citizen and this causes problems because nearly 46% of

immigrants were naturalized as U.S.citizens. Different kinds of races come to live in this country
but there is nothing that we can do about it if they are now considered a U.S. citizen.
Enrique Pena Nieto: I am sorry to hear that because there is nothing that you can really do about
it because a lot of people want to live in your country since everyone knows that the U.S. is a
great area to live. But the fact of having nearly 41 million immigrants living in your country is
kind of scary to think about because that is a lot of people that decided to leave my country and
move to yours. It is sad to think about because it keeps on increasing as you had said and this
makes it show that the population will keep on increasing.
President Barack Obama: But as you can tell, 46% which is considered to be 18.9million people
are immigrants coming from the race of hispanics and latino. This shows that these people
probably dont live a great life or they dont get enough money which shows that they want to
move to a better environment and be able to go from there. Is there any other issues that are
occurring in Mexico that is a problem for you?
Enrique Pena Nieto: Another problem that is occurring in Mexico is the population growth rate
which shows that there is a lot of people living in this area. The population here keeps on
increasing and it is soon going to have more people than Japan. The population in Mexico is
currently 123.8 million people and 50.7% are females while 49.3% are males. There is about
2,768 births a day which shows that the population keeps on growing and growing. Right now
Mexico is the 11th most populous nations in the world and because of this it is the highest
population for a Spanish speaking nation. Also, there is about 63 people per square kilometer and
Mexico takes up 1,972,550square kilometers of area. Since a lot of people live in Mexico it is
hard for the country because when the population keeps on increasing then there wont be a lot of
area for everyone to live.
President Barack Obama: This is a major issue because having 2,768 births a day just shows that
it will eventually be a problem for the country in the future. Having a lot of people living in your
country shows that something bad will happen because there will eventually not be enough space
for everyone in the long run.
Enrique Pena Nieto: I totally agree with you because the population keeps on increasing and
there is nothing we can really do about it. But there is about 250.7 babies born in one hour, but
every 56.53 seconds someone dies which makes it 63.7 people in Mexico dying every hour.
From years past till now the population has went up a lot because in 1950 the growth rate was
4.6% while in 1970 it was 7.2%. This shows that every country isnt perfect and that there is
nothing you can really do about the population. Is there any more issues or problems going on in
the USA?
President Barack Obama: Yes, there certainly is such as the obesity and overweight problems that
are occurring for a good amount of people in this country. Apparently, the obesity rate has more
than doubled from kids to adults ever since the 1970s. This is a major problem for the Americans
because it is a health problem for a lot of us and we need to do something about it. For adults,
more than of them are overweight and people have said that the heaviest Americans have
become more heavier than years past. While for the children in the United States, about a quarter
of ages between 2 and 5 and one third of school age children are overweight. The overweight and
obesity rates are considered to be higher and tend to increase throughout the years.

Enrique Pena Nieto: This is not good to hear because having a good amount of people being
overweight can lead to problems with health which can lead to dying young.People having bad
health can be a bad thing because it could lead down to your kids and it can cause them to also
be unhealthy. Maybe the United States should cut out fastfood places because there is a lot of
problems with that since there is a lot of fat in the cheaper foods.
President Barack Obama: To go along with that, Americans eat 500-800 calories more a day
which shows that this leads to overweight in no time. This isnt healthy because having this
much more calories a day can lead to gaining a pound in half a week.People just tend to buy
more food because there is food ads everywhere and not enough exercise ads in this country.
People just eat for social, cultural, and emotional reasons not just for the reason of being hungry.
Enrique Pena Nieto: I am so sad that your country is having problems along with my country and
these issues need to be stopped eventually. This can be hard to do but it will hopefully be done
and over with in the long run. It was nice talking to you and hopefully your country does great in
the future.
President Barack Obama: It was nice talking to you and I hope good things happen to your
country soon because it deserves it!