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THE TATA Group always believe that employees are its greatest assets and
the very reason for the survival of their business.

THE TAJ always acknowledge and reward hard working employees for
excellent work.

THE TAJ ensures that the Human Resource Department

Co-ordinate with various other departments in order to identify the key
position , selection, recruitment, training and retention of candidates.
TATA code of conduct
Health, safety and environment

A Tata company shall strive to provide a safe and

healthy working environment 

Tata company shall be committed to prevent the

wasteful use of natural resources and minimise any
hazardous impact of the development, production,
use and disposal of any of its products and services
on the ecological environment.
Equal-opportunities employer

A Tata company shall provide equal opportunities to

all its employees and all qualified applicants for
Employees of a Tata company shall be treated with
dignity and in accordance with the Tata policy of
maintaining a work environment free of sexual
harassment, whether physical, verbal or
The Taj follows employee oriented programmes
which focus on empowering people to deliver on
their legacy of impeccable service.

1.Special Thanks and Recognition System (STARS)

2.Taj People Philosophy (TPP)
3.Employee Satisfaction Tracking System
4.Development oriented Leadership

‘Happy employees lead to happy customers.’

Operative throughout the year and open to all levels and
It aimed to identify, recognize and reward those employees
who excelled in their work.
STARS had five different levels.
Though employees did not receive any cash awards, they
gained recognition by the levels they attained through the
points they accumulated for their acts of kindness or
STARS-Five Different levels

LEVEL -1-was known as “silver grade”-120 points

in three month.
LEVEL-2-Gold grde-130 points in three month of
attaining the silver grades.
LEVEL-3-Platinum Grade-250 points within six
months of attaining the gold grade.
LEVEL-4-chief operating officers club-510 or more
points ,but below 760 points.
LEVEL-5-MD’s club-Highest Level in STARS-
accumulated 760 or more points.
Points granted to employees on the basis of
parameters –like integrity, honesty,
kindness, respect for customers,
cooperation, excellence in work, new
Developed In 2000.
To show its commitment and belief in employees.
TPP considered every aspect of employees' organizational
career planning, right from their induction into the
company till their superannuation.
Helped the company boost the morale of its employees
and improve service standards
In 2002 the group bagged the ’Hermes Award’ for 'Best
Innovation in Human Resources' in the global hospitality
Employee Satisfaction Tracking
The company gathers the data for these
measurements through a set of questions and
statements on every Employee Opinion Survey.
Gives an employee the opportunity to provide
managers with candid feedback about their work
As soon as survey responses are processed,
managers schedule meetings with employees to
discuss the survey results and develop action plans to
address the issues in the survey
Development Oriented Leadership
One who values
experimentation, seeking new
ideas, and generating and
implementing change.

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Suggestion designed Room
EARTH (Environment Awareness & Renewal at
Taj Hotels)
The conscious effort to commit energy
conservation and environmental management.
EARTH has received certification from Green
Globe, the only worldwide environmental
certification program for travel and tourism.