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Alternative energy is a source other than
fossil fuels

Fossil fuels are an essential source of energy

Fossil fuels are limited and cause a lot of
harmful environmental effects

Government has increased the resources

dedicated to the development Alternative


Some companies are studying and

developing alternative fuel sources

The continued use of fossil fuels may lead to

catastrophic environmental repercussion
The steam engines of the 1700s were the
first to use fossil fuels

Steamships and passenger locomotives

increased the demand for fossil fuels while
increasing the transport and trade of fossil
fuel products
The middle east became one of the worlds
leading sources for fossil fuels

The demand for fossil fuels has dominated

some foreign-policy decisions has led to
political protest movement

1850:Most homes used Whale-oil lamps, and
whaling was the fifth biggest thing in the U.S.

1973:The world was shuddered from the oil

shock, and Phil Gramm the economist
predicted that, but with whale-oil.

2009:Debbie Dooley was one of the original

organizers for a nationwide tea party protest

2012:Debbie Dooley and a former IT

consultant has been in a battle against Koch
Brothers for rooftop solar energy.

2050:RMIs will try to make a oil free car by

this time- 2050 and make it go 125 to 240
miles per gallon, that will save a lot of money.

CAT is center for Alternative Technologies,

CAT has launched a Zero Carbon in Britain
by 2030 but even if they succeed the people
in britain will use oil.
Maldives is an island that is the most success
to use alternative energy but when all else
fails they will use the oil energy for back up
for the island.

Germany has created 300,000 jobs for solar

energy rooftop installment.
China is the number one and biggest in the
world for renewing technologies.

Denmark in 2010 had a capacity to produce

36 percent of it electricity from renewables
including 24 percent of it is wind power.

The worlds rushing to promote alternative
energy sources but that would increase
global warming

Biofuels are several years away from large

scale commercial development
New studies say that if we want to convert
biomass into energy we would have to
change it into electricity

No alternative energy are able to replace

worlds dependence on oil
The peak oil theory depleted in consumption

Earth will always rely on fossil fuels for the

energy it has
Scientist think that environmental benefits
associated with ethanol are vastly overstated
Geothermal and solar power only become
cost efficient in areas like Iceland, Hawaii,
and California, places with massive
geothermal sources close to the surface

Solar power involves converting an AC power

source to a DC charge, 12% of the energy is
Any biofuels requiring good agricultural land
would still be worse than gas for global

I think that biofuel is way better than any
alternative energy source.

Nothing can compare to fossil fuels.

But we do need to find a good alternative
energy for fossil fuels when we run out of

I think that Debbie Dooley is a good person

for fighting for rooftop solar panels and that
she will win the fight in 2016 but she will have
to wait. Her organization has already
gathered 100,000 signatures to get her solar
initiative on the 2016 ballot,and shes
convinced shell win the argument on Election

I think that the RMI will make a oil free car by

2050 and it would save a lot of money RMIs
analysis found that by 2050, the United
States could deliver far greater mobility by
making vehicles efficient, productive and oilfree
I feel that if we use nothing but alternative
energy what will we do with all the oil?