The Love We Share

Salai Z T Lian

Every moment is beautiful As love makes us to feel different Love is for all of us who choose Indeed, love is part of human needs It’s about what we learn from love. After embracing love, our life changed so much It increases faithfulness day by day It also cultivates peace of mind even in troubled times Is it unbelievable and amazing? It’s about the love we nurture.

Yet a thousand of life’s mile to walk And many tragedies to go through We can keep smiling Because of the heart we share with commitment It’s about the essence of the love we care.

Yet the day passes over and over Our love doesn’t become less nor does its kiss become less sweet Indeed, the longer we love the sweeter kiss we enjoy If life is a game, we’ll be the team It’s about the love we share.

This poem celebrates valentine day because it is important day in its calendar.

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