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Mens Team Report


30th-31st MAY 2015

After another very good result against Montgomery & Radnor we were left at the top of the
overall promotion table two points in front of Cumbria and four points in front of Worcestershire our
opponents in the last game.
On Saturday the Ladies won their game 4-2 a great start..
On first was David Pinnuck gave the team a great start with a 3-2 win
Alan Weist was next had another good game only to come out losing 2-3 unlucky.
Wayne Dawson followed slow to start found himself 0-2 down fought back to win 3-2 with a 118 finish in
the final leg.
Jonathan Creed quickly went 2-0 in front let his opponent in the third leg ended up losing 2-3.
Paul Oliver won the first leg did not do enough to win lost 1-3.
Wayne Stubbings had a another good game made it hard for himself although he won 3-0 including a 116
finish in the final leg.
.On next was Peter Brown lost the first leg again came back strong with some excellent darts to win 3-1
with a 27.67 average to win the match award.
John Creed played very well had a 110 finish in his 3-1 win..
On next was Paul Stern had an in and out game levelled at 2-2 before losing the final leg for a 2-3
Gary Webb did not play as he can but kept going had a chance in the final leg before losing 2-3
Eron Walkes followed really playing well as improved tremendously of late this time winning 3-0.
Lee White struggled once again to put his game together losing 1-2 looked up seemed to pray for
guidance from above but kept going to eventually record 3-2 win.
Ended with a 7-5 win for the Mens Team to end Worcestershire unbeaten record.
On Sunday the Ladies lost their game 2-4.
On first was Tony Tarry not having one of his best games problems with the doubles as he lost 1-.4
Martin Kingsley started badly finished badly lost 0-4.losing the first leg but played like he can to win 4-1.
Jason Neville followed not up to his usual standard tried his best before losing 2-4.
Tony Hammond was not really in the game at first but fought back well then lost in the final leg for a 3-4
Ian Clarkson restored to the team showed how it was done with some excellent darts including a 120
finish for a 4-1 win and the match award well deserved.
Tony Cox followed lost the first leg then played really well to record another win this time 4-1.
Adam Pinnuck was next had the game in his pocket as he was leading 3-0 then seemed to lose his touch
let his opponent get the upper hand before losing 3-4.
John Blair played well level at 2-2 a bad 5th leg then a double problem in the 6th before losing 2-4.
Lee Searles looked good going on stage looked bad when he came off after losing 0-4.
Chris Hudson had one of those game he was very good with some excellent darts at 2-2 then Chris lost
the 5 leg as he and his opponent had one of those legs but he came back with two 17 dart legs to win 4-3.
Robin Wigg was not at his best in this game levelled at 2-2 missed a double in the 5 leg if he had got this
it might have made a difference but he ended up losing 2-4.
Daniel Varney was next on last found himself 0-3 down played well and fought back to level at 3-3 but
faded in the final leg to lose 3-4.had another very good steady game by winning 4-0.
Ended with a 3-9 defeat for the Mens Team.
Promotion was the outcome of this match after gallant efforts by the teams on Saturday all the good
effort was undone by the performance on Sunday which meant Worcestershire gained promotion and we stay in
Division Three.