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The Eleventh Annual National White Privilege Conference

The Eleventh Annual National White Privilege Conference

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Published by: api-26237120 on Feb 12, 2010
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The Eleventh Annual National White Privilege Conference (WPC11) will be held on April 7th – 10th 2010 at the

La Crosse Center in downtown La Crosse, Wisconsin. Check out the WPC11 website for all the details - http://www.uccs.edu/~wpc/. Please spread the word to anyone who might be interested in attending. Most of all, we hope you personally take advantage of this very unique opportunity right in our own backyard. Attending this conference locally means you will have no major travel or hotel expenses and in tight budget times that is very significant. WPC11 is for everyone including college students, professional staff, faculty, community members, organizational members, businesses, governmental agencies, faith-based groups, friends, family and so on. Also please pass on the word to youth organizations that WPC11 offers a concurrent Youth Leadership Conference and Youth Institute especially designed for high school students. UW-La Crosse is a WPC11 Host Cosponsor The WPC11 host planning committee consists of 19 major cosponsoring organizations from across the region. Since UW-L is one of the non-profit host cosponsors and will have a significant group attending, all WPC11 registrations processed through UW-L’s registration coordinator, Jessica Thill, will receive a 20% discount. For more details or to submit or request a WPC11 registration form please contact Jessica Thill, McNair Scholars Program, 106 GMH, call (608) 785-6913 or email thill.jess@uwlax.edu. All discounted WPC11 registrations and payments from UW-L should be submitted to Jessica. Make checks payable to UCCS/WPC and return with completed forms to Jessica by 4 pm on Friday, February 26th 2010. Three Day Discounted WPC11 Passes Special 3-day passes can be purchased at the discounted rate and shared. For example, one paid UW-L registration for a particular category (college student or faculty/staff) would be purchased and separated so 3 individuals can attend for a single day. Each registrant needs to complete their own WPC11 registration form. Only full day registrations are allowed. No single day WPC11 registrations will be offered outside of this 3-day packaged deal.

UW-L Student Registration Costs Registration Costs

UW-L Faculty & Staff

Contact Jessica Thill (see above) for updated registration costs.
There is an additional $20 (UW-L student) and $25 (UW-L faculty/staff) out-of-pocket expense for the Shabbat Dinner & Program on Friday, April 9th (Special Event limited audience). There is also a $50 (UW-L student) and $70 (UW-L faculty/staff) cost for an Institute and a $20 discount for anyone that registers for both an Institute and WPC11. People may register for 1-day Institutes with or without the WPC11 registration.

Keep in mind that a number of UW-L student organizations have set aside dollars to supplement members to attend WPC11. It is suggested that UW-L students investigate these options with various organizations to check what dollars might be available. Good luck and hope to see you at WPC11!

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