The Tree-lined Path

As I’ve walked through the bower of bare trees lining each side of the paved path I walk on part of the way to work, I though, even a day or two ago, when are these “naked trees” going to burst into leaf? Well by today, after quite a lot of rain yesterday, they had done just that! They were full and green, and it was beautiful to walk underneath their green uplifted branches. And then I heard the whisper in my heart… The whisper (Part I): “John, you have wondered how suddenly these trees have budded with green leaves? How quickly this all has occurred! How rapidly this came to pass; for so long the bare limbs were just living frames lifted up to Me, expectantly waiting for the Spring to be manifested profusely in all My glory… John, the leaves burst forth when the trees were ready. I have this to tell you: you have wondered in your heart when the promise will be fulfilled. I tell you that it will happen just as suddenly as with these trees when you are ready. Your willingness to endure the cold (indeed, at times harsh) winter of the soul, and the tear-filled rain in your heart, all of this is necessary to produce in you the kind of “tree” that will bud with green and blossom forth to reveal My glory. It will happen that quickly, in My time…” Part II: When I got in to the office the calendar for today had a glorious picture of the same kind of tree-lined path, but now with glorious pink blossom! I felt Him whisper to me that the green-brushed trees were not the end of the story, only the beginning; the blossom was the most beautiful part of the tree, and while it does not last long on earthly trees, He will maintain it in my “tree” as long as He and I wish…

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