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The Company Aalen, Mapal

The Company Aalen, Mapal

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About a Cutting Tool Manufacturing Company
About a Cutting Tool Manufacturing Company

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Published by: sivanesanmail on Feb 12, 2010
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The Company.

MAPAL Präzisionswerkzeuge Dr. Kress KG – a medium-sized family company – has been for decades one of the leading suppliers of precision tools for the metal machining industry. As a supplier MAPAL provides support for its customers from project planning for individual processes to Tool Management.

MAPAL Dr. Kress KG in Aalen

The MAPAL Group headquarters With the establishment of MAPAL by Dr. Georg Kress in 1950 in Aalen, the foundation stone was laid for the company which now operates worldwide. The meteoric success of the company began with the successful introduction of single blade reamers with guide pads (the MAPAL principle). Based on this tradition the headquarters in Aalen is now the main production site for reamers and fine boring tools with guide pads. With more than 1.100 employees, multi-bladed reamers, clamping systems and setting devices are also produced in Aalen. In addition to the general management, the central functions are also located in the headquarters as coordination points for the whole MAPAL Group. Along with the development and marketing centre, the new customer services centre is also part of the MAPAL Group central functions. In the production area MAPAL Aalen supplies the manufacturing daughter companies with tool bodies and numerous additional parts. The headquarters is also the venue for the wide variety of MAPAL’s general and advanced training events. This includes technical seminars and technical orientation as well as offer training sessions, both for customers and for employees from all MAPAL’s daughter companies and agents.

MAPAL Präzisionswerkzeuge Dr. Kress KG P.O. Box 1520 D-73405 Aalen Telephone +49 (73 61) 5 85-0 Fax +49 (73 61) 5 85-1 50 info@de.mapal.com www.mapal.com

MAPAL Sites in Germany

The MAPAL Group in Germany In addition to its headquarters in Aalen, there are four other production sites within the MAPAL Group in Germany:
MAPAL WWS GmbH in Pforzheim

The WWS company was set up in Pforzheim in 1980 and has been part of the MAPAL Group since 1994. Today MAPAL WWS GmbH is the leading manufacturer of tools with PCD blades. Combination tools for gun boring and circular interpolation milling are one of their highlights. With the foundation of MAPAL ISOTOOL GmbH in Sinsheim in 1997 MAPAL extended its range of products with generating slide tools and slide tools, together with special tools with ISO elements. MILLER GmbH, founded in 1991 has been part of the MAPAL Group since 2003. MILLER produces precision tools for boring, milling, counterboring and reaming in solid carbide and in Cermet. Rudolf Strom GmbH in Vaihingen/Enz has been part of the MAPAL Group since 1999 and produces special tools with ISO elements for a wide variety of operations.

MAPAL ISOTOOL GmbH in Sinsheim

MILLER GmbH in Altenstadt

Rudolf Strom GmbH in Vaihingen/Enz

MAPAL worldwide

Quality, close customer contact and early identification of the developments and demands of the market are MAPAL's primary objectives. More than 2.500 people employed by the MAPAL Group work out perfect solutions every day for customers' machining tasks. Because of the ongoing general and advanced training of personnel and the constant exchange of experience, MAPAL ensures high technical standards worldwide and guarantees MAPAL's legendary quality.

The MAPAL Group in figures: more than 2.500 employees 20 subsidiaries 17 production sites 30 offices providing service and advice in very continent

MAPAL Group sites In Europe Germany MAPAL Dr. Kress KG in Aalen MAPAL WWS GmbH in Pforzheim MAPAL ISOTOOL GmbH in Sinsheim MILLER GmbH in Altenstadt Rudolf Strom GmbH in Vaihingen/Enz France MAPAL France in Le Chambon Feugerolles Great Britain MAPAL Ltd. in Rugby Italy MAPAL Italia S.R.L. in Gessate/MI Poland MAPAL Narzędzia Precyzyjne Spółka z o.o. in Poznań Czech Republic MAPAL CZ s.r.o. in Dlouhá Lhota In Asia China MAPAL China Ltd. in Shanghai Japan MAPAL KK in Tokyo Korea MAPAL HTT Co. Ltd. in Kyunggi-Do MAPAL TET Office Asia in Ulsan India MAPAL INDIA Private Ltd. in Bangalore Singapore MAPAL Asia TET Office in Singapore Taiwan MAPAL Precision Tool System Co. Ltd. in Tainan In America USA MAPAL Inc. in Port Huron MI Mexico MAPAL FRHENOSA in San Pedro Garza Garcia Brasil MAPAL do BRASIL Ferramentas de Precisão Ltda. in Ibirité MAPAL Qualifer Ltda. in Belo Horizonte

MAPAL – wherever the customer is, we are there.


Reliably innovative

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“How can one define a company, an extremely lively organism, which has developed further and further for more than 50 years and with which so many people – customers throughout the world, employees and suppliers – are so closely linked, in a brochure with just a few pages? We have dared to do so because we know that in our Company it comes down to just a few important principles. We want to be close to our customers, be and remain in dialogue with them, think and act for them. Find and form a team which will feel permanently committed to this idea – at all levels of the company. Quality, reliability and innovative strength are also factors which play a decisive role in the company – day after day. Using brief comments throughout I hope to illuminate the various aspects of our Company and clarify what is important to us – now and in the future.“

Dr Dieter Kress Chairman & Managing Director

Branches and products

Perfect dialogue

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“The customers expect us to provide them with a comprehensive, reliable and innovative programme from our range of competences – at all the principal production sites in the world. This is what we do. This is how MAPAL is set up.“

Whether you are travelling in a high performance car with good fuel economy, safely lifting heavy loads with hydraulics or reading your freshly printed newspaper, MAPAL will always have been involved. MAPAL's knowledge and experience of tools is found in almost all areas of metalworking. Absolute precision and efficiency with maximum production reliability are required in increasing measure in modern production technology. The customers' demands are met by high quality specifications and the constant development of MAPAL precision tools.

As a competent tool partner, MAPAL also offers a comprehensive range of customer services. For MAPAL customers, savings in costs start right at the project planning stage. By using innovative and reliable tool concepts, MAPAL's tool experts show the way –

from low-cost production of a component to saving costly additional operations. Tool Management with MAPAL offers the right tool, at the right time, at the right place, at an economic price and guarantees profitable production.

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Reaming and fine boring tools
For 50 years, using reamers and fine boring tools with guide pads, MAPAL has set the highest quality standards for cutting with geometrically defined blades. The MAPAL principle guarantees the dimensional stability and form of the bore within just a few microns, reliably and economically. While the guide pads are specifically designed for their task (guiding the tool in the bore), the blades, which are precisely matched to the machining task in cutting material and cutting lead, deal with cutting the material. Whether cast iron, steel or other materials, MAPAL tools always achieve remarkable results. Just as MAPAL has successfully introduced the idea of single-blade reamers into the industry, significant advantages have also been offered by the new High Performance Reamers. Using the HFS® Head Fitting System and its high level of accuracy, this tool concept meets the requirements of many customers for high quality and easy tool handling. One way heads also ensure a high level of economy for this completely new system. For special tools the successful combination of various cutting systems brings completely new forms of rational production methods.

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PCD tools
In the area of tools with PCD blades MAPAL has emerged as one of the principal manufacturers in the last ten years. The programme for this product line includes precision gun boring tools, circular interpolation milling tools and end mills, and a successful face milling head system with replaceable milling cartridges. Modern and high-precision clamping systems combined with precision grinding quality for maximum dimensional stability and concentricity open up numerous options for fixed and brazed MAPAL PCD tools, not only in HSC operations.

Generating slide tools and special tools with ISO elements
With the precision machining of bores as a starting point, MAPAL special tools now offer complete solutions for the machining of cubic parts. MAPAL deals intensively with production options which are made possible by the use of slide tools and generating slide tools. For these technically demanding solutions, generating slide tools, which can be used on machining centres at little cost or no cost at all, have been particularly progressive developments. In the area of special tools with ISO elements, our specialists' tremendous experience and numerous innovative ideas produce extremely successful tool concepts for gun boring and milling.

20 21

Solid carbide tools
To provide a complete range of competences in bore machining, MAPAL also offers a product line of excellent special and standard tools in solid carbide. This range from simple drills to the latest high performance drill. Tools which achieve reaming quality in a single pass are a particular highlight in this product line. Coatings developed especially for boring and the use of super cutting materials PCD and PCBN are further features which increase the performance of MAPAL solid carbide tools.

Clamping systems
HSK and HFS® are key terms when it comes to clamping tools accurately and safely. Modern production techniques are also significantly influenced by both systems. The HFS® Head Fitting System with replaceable heads is a completely new development at MAPAL and opens up new perspectives for modern production technology in terms of easy handling, high changeover and concentricity accuracy and versatile use.

Customer services
With CTS® – Complete Tooling Services – MAPAL has gained a leading position in the area of customer service. Production planning, maintenance, management and optimisation: the service package takes MAPAL's experience and competence from the process design stage to permanent process optimisation in all customer service areas. MAPAL CTS® guarantees optimum results for your special applications – and at reduced costs. Many years of intensive and customer-orientated collaboration make MAPAL a specialist also in the service area.

Setting devices
The precision of surface, form and dimension which can be achieved with MAPAL tools with guide pads are at the top end of what is feasible with geometrically defined blades. To manufacture to micro-precision reliably and repeatedly with every new blade and every new tool, MAPAL offers special tool setting devices which make setting easy. Mechanical and electronic versions are included in the supply programme.


Realizing the impossible

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“We believe that real innovations provide the thrust for the development of a company. But for innovations we must create freedom in our employees’ thinking and acting. It is only freedom which will lead to new ways that drive technology forwards. And: Innovations must be presented to the customers with force, courage and pace. Only then will they bring the company success.“

Minimal quantity lubrication


MAPAL was and is decisively involved in the development of new technologies. At the MAPAL development centre experienced specialists deal intensively with subjects such as minimal quantity lubrication, high speed and high performance cutting (HSC and HPC) and the machining of special materials. Today hardened steels, sintered materials, CGI or ADI play an important role in this. MAPAL customers profit from this technological advance with tools which offer greater economies and quality.

Innovations are a feature of all MAPAL products. Many of these innovations relate to the solution of tasks with which our customers confront us on a daily basis. Often unusual ways are adopted for this and almost unachievable targets reached. In principle, the objective is to find new tool ideas which achieve savings potential of more than 30 %. A modern range of machines in MAPAL's development centre allows trials to be carried out as closely as possible to how the operations will run subsequently at the customer's works. By working doggedly on new tasks, but also by making large and small steps with current problems, MAPAL innovations repeatedly lead to new paths and new opportunities in cutting operations. Examples such as machining cast iron with PCD, hard machining with multi-bladed tools or the development of the HFS® Head Fitting System demonstrate expertise, a richness of ideas and creative potential.

Face milling heads with PCD and PCBN replaceable cartridges

Hard machining

HFS® Head Fitting System with radial clamping


Absolutely precise

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“Precision is MAPAL's promise to the market and consequently an ongoing and self-evident obligation on our Company. Our customers can rely on this. And they know it.“

The precision which can be achieved on the part relates directly to the precision of the tool. With the diversity and number of MAPAL's special tools consistent and thorough quality assurance represents an indispensable and fundamental principle for the products' success. The use of modern machining methods combined with decades of experience guarantees that the tools achieve the highest precision.

The high precision of MAPAL tools reflects directly on the customers' production. For finish machining MAPAL offers interesting tool concepts with which previously necessary semifinishing operations and even additional operations, such as grinding or honing, can be dispensed with entirely. The reduction in production costs and the simultaneous increase or assurance of machining results under batch production conditions is the aim of every MAPAL tool we offer.

The requirements for circular and cylindrical form and surface finish when producing valve bodies for automatic transmission systems are less than 4 µm, with additional SPC limitations. MAPAL tools achieve this quality thanks to their precision and the MAPAL principle. In a further example a critical surface requirement is achieved when machining a steering box with a particular cutting lead. The result lies with a dominant waviness of WDc at < 0,2 µm. This means that there is no need for costly additional machining on the bore.


Absolutely dependable

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“If one is constantly in dialogue with customers – as we are – reliability in all areas and at all levels of the company is an essential maxim for people’s dealings. How can one otherwise face the customer?“

The provision of process-orientated, comprehensive and customer-focused solutions defines the way MAPAL operates. This includes much more than manufacturing efficient tools, precision blades or accurate clamping devices. Reliable customer services covering all products are ultimately the guarantee of their sound and profitable function. Service is an evermore important factor in MAPAL's understanding and the capacity which is reserved for this is suitably large. MAPAL is open to finding innovative ways when offering customer services. Considerable experience in the machining of cubic parts provides the necessary background.

Reliable partners and reliable tooling bring about the appropriately high process reliability for today's requirements. This means that when they are fitted onto the spindle, the tools immediately produce the right quality, the blade cuts for a long and precisely determined time and the preparation and tool supply is properly organised. MAPAL has the right products to offer for all these factors and as a result provides reliable production.

The demands set by the customer with regard to process reliability has a Cpk value of 1,67. Production reliability increases as the Cpk value increases. 3 to 4 times the values, for example, is achieved when machining the cam shaft bearing bore in cylinder heads. Diameter tolerances and concentricity results for the individual journals in relation to each other are accurately maintained, both for the cam shaft and the crank shaft bearing bore, by means of the guide pads in MAPAL tools.

Sharpening the senses

Dialogue with technology

36 37

“Dialogue with technology – constant, uninhibited and free. For this we need to win over our younger employees. This is the only way we will find the new ideas, pioneering solutions, real innovations which the manufacturing economy needs.“

The people at MAPAL navigate the conflicting fields of defining tasks and applying possible solutions by continuous dialogue. This dialogue is with other people but also with technology itself. Chip form, wear or the surface of the part – they all provide information about possible improvements. And this technical dialogue is conducted internationally. All personnel at MAPAL sites in Europe, America and Asia work responsibly together with and for technology within their area of work; by doing so they contribute to the success of the MAPAL Group and to the successful use of tools by customers – worldwide.

A prerequisite for qualified personnel is good general and advanced training. Today, because developments are moving even faster, it is important to recognise this for the old and the young. It is in acknowledgement of this that MAPAL guides and challenges its employees and offers general and advanced training in the various areas of work. There is also dialogue and association with universities and research institutes. By commissioned work or working together on combined projects, fundamental trends are investigated and solutions worked out together.

38 39

“We are constantly in dialogue with technology – at all levels of the company, hour by hour, day by day. This means that opportunities are explored which present themselves in a wide variety of technical fields – to the customers' advantage and for constantly optimised and efficient production processes.“

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