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P upon tho officers as assist violations cone dential, Tho morale value of mail demands ‘exelusién of both unticcossary do Ipc ‘mall pa oy of, the duty andtho.nail handled is high ee + ay base, The suocess or failure of the entire censorship program and unit so- curity depends largely upon the thoroughness and conscléntiousnoss ofthe unit cone Sor, Censorship begins when troops enter the staging aréa and continues’ until rotirn from everseas, From start té finish, a training program, abreast of changing sttuations, must be miintained; To derive maximum benefit from the program the unit conor must maintain constant liaison wi Gonsor, Ho must gain's confidonoc’ y ‘ary.and choorfil and that the safeguarding,of military information becomes a nat- + the unit CO & S-2 and with the Chief Bese ‘to the end.thot cdmpliance will be volun~ ‘tor of team spirit; on the othor hand, the wilful violator 3 qvader must be -vigore on ously disciplined, Tho ‘following diislire of .1C 66, the "Bibl has been prepared as a.quick aid afd is hot inter sivd study of the training circular, * GRLUNET CRESCROSTP © Ee Be Be ‘of unit censorship, ap f gubstituto for comprchen- ECTIVE CENSORSHIP pie > Security + Provont passage of military’ tnformiidon to! thé onemy, a, », Accuracy ~ Suppress runore and exaggeréted or misloadfng statononts, c, Harmony - Eliminate statanonts,discussions' or inferences wHich criticize our allies or noutrals, or drt dolsterious to the war effort, 4 ED _VATS, CHANNELS ‘AND _APO ADDRESS’ ' * 8, Limit personnel to uss of APO facilitidé (unit mail chermels only), , AL nail must olnry corneét APO addroes, oh “i : I, & OTHER cot = Posted unsealed; 100% unit-censored, = b, Veilsil (it) = Posted unsealed; 100% unit-consorod;. never exeised (Nlack- * “out 4f authorized locally or‘roturn to ééndor; stamped ine os éide and, outsido; signed inside only, . er Blue (Bi) Supply controlled ty unit eonsor (mitch abuse); posted soale * Envelope» ody, never uniteconsored or stanpods bise-conscred, 4, Packages. (BI) - Contents 100% unit-consored in sondor's,prosonec; eontonte