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(Tech) Year 4,
Semester 1
Teaching Practice 4a – Internship 2014

Name of Student: Lina Hasan

Course: EDUC


Name of School: Al Baida
Mentoring College Teacher: Allan Mutambo
Date and Time: October 27, 2014

Competency A – Professionalism and Understanding:
Professionalism and Understanding: You demonstrate very satisfactory
professionalism. You seem to have established very good rapport with your
MST and the learners. It was very encouraging to see your MST actively
engaged in scaffolding and helping with the setup of the screen and
computer. You also demonstrated very sound understanding of the content
presented in the lesson.
Category B – Planning for Learning:
A very satisfactory lesson plan was forwarded in time before the lesson. The
content was appropriate and in line with the curriculum and pacing guide.
The accompanying teaching on the Weebly site demonstrated that very
careful planning went into the preparation for this lesson.

Category C – Implementing and Managing Learning:
The lesson began promptly, albeit, with a slight glitch as the projector was
being "sorted out" with the help of the MST. The learners were quickly
engaged in a warm up treasure hunt activity. The "treasure" was an index
card with info about the objective of the class. The students were asked to.
Turn on their computers log on to Google search and log on a Weebly site
with the lesson and objectives listed. Then the students were directed to
open the Photoshop editor - this was a very neat idea. Fantastic job setting up
the desktops on the student computers with the flower photo to prepare to
edit. You did great pacing the students as the students competed to finish
first. Then more teaching points were presented followed by student practice
- this was a great example of Learning by Doing. You did great engaging the
students to complete each step as a show of understanding. The final
practice task involved going through the picture editing steps by going back
to the opening screen and using their own image to edit. Then they were
asked save and send the image to the printer. Finally, the winning team was
presented with their prize of “fancy” pencil.

Semester 1
Teaching Practice 4a – Internship 2014

Category D – Monitoring and Assessment of Learning:
You used Q & A very efficiently to elicit responses from the learners. You. Did
very well managing how students responded to questions and did well
targeting Learners by name to answer questions. You also did very well
providing scaffolding as the learners completed activities.

Category E – Reflection:
Your self-evaluation of the lesson was very satisfactory. You were able to
recall the main highlights of the lesson and to articulate areas you thought
might require attention in the future.

Strengths of the Lesson:
The main strengths of the lesson were: Very good rapport with the
learners, learner participation, scaffolding of instructions and a very
positive learning environment.
Areas for Development:
You might want to work on preparing more practice activities to give to
students who finish tasks quickly to avoid down time.
Focus for next lesson:
Ensure that you allow for more challenging practice for this group of very
eager learners.

Semester 1
Teaching Practice 4a – Internship 2014

Signed: _______________________________

MCT: Allan Mutambo

Date: October 27,