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Marci Concotelli

Grade: 3



X Visual

_____ Knowledge

_____ Kinesthetic

_____ Comprehension

_____ Verbal

_____ Application

_____ Logical

_____ Analysis

_____ Rhythmic

_____ Synthesis

_____ Interpersonal
X Evaluation

_____ Intrapersonal

_____ Naturalist

Role Play

Language Arts, Social Studies, and Mathematics

TPE 4: Making content accessible:
Addressing state-adopted academic content standards
Prioritizing and sequencing essential skills and strategies
Using various strategies to facilitate student learning

1.4: Carry out simple unit conversions within a system of measurement

English Language Arts:
Listening and Speaking
1.8: Clarify and enhance oral presentations through the use of appropriate props
1.3: Understand the structure and organization of various reference materials

History-Social Science:
3.1: Students describe the physical and human geography and use maps, tables,
graphs, photographs, and charts to organize information about people, places, and
environments in a spatial context

Mathematics Standard (page 24)
3.NBT1: Numbers and Operations in Base Ten
Use place value understanding to round whole numbers to the nearest 10 or 100

Writing Standards (page 21)

Research to build and present knowledge
7. Conduct short research projects that build knowledge about a topic

Production and Distribution of Writing
6. With guidance and support from adults, use technology to produce and publish
writing (using keyboarding skills) as well as to interact and collaborate with others

Teachers aid to assist with differentiated activities

Pens, paper
Atlases or research books about students chosen cities

One class period: 50 minutes

One week prior to Travel Brochure Presentation, students will receive
Role Play Lesson About Travel document that details what is required in
making city travel brochure
o Using computer, research chosen city
! Necessary facts required for presentation (see Role Play
handout includes the following):
When did this city become an official city?
Special landmark does it have one?
How many people reside in this city?
Attribute - is there something that makes this city
One interesting fact about the city chosen
Mileage to city from Los Angeles (approximate to
nearest 100 miles)
Transportation necessary to get to chosen city from Los
o How long would it take to get to chosen city
using suggested transportation
Any other city facts student finds interesting
o Using computer, develop brochure (suggested program use:
PowerPoint or Word)
All computer lab rules apply when using school computer lab

Students research independently during computer lab time
All students must have created travel brochure prior to class presentations
All students must respect each other during presentations: no talking and
questions may be asked at end of presentation
Students must raise their hand in order to speak
No side discussions, no interrupting other student(s)


Behavioral Objective (Do):
Students will recommend a particular city to the class. After researching and
summarizing, the student will create the citys travel brochure and present to

Transfer (Learning theory / citations):
Constructivism: the students knowledge is constructed through an active
mental process of developing (via Word or PowerPoint as well as verbal
presentation) and the students are creators of this meaning and knowledge.
Audrey Gray

Motivation (Teacher created):

Teacher will arrive to class dressed as a tourist.

Lecture on estimating place value understanding to round whole numbers to
the nearest 10 or 100
Lecture on how to conduct research for informational presentation
Lecture on PowerPoint and Word

MODEL (Demo):
Teacher will distribute demonstration / model travel brochure

GUIDED PRACTICE (Checking for understanding group) LEARNING TASKS
During computer lab time, teacher will walk around computer lab and review
what students are researching by viewing students computer screens
During computer lab time, teacher will ask students if there are any

INDEPENDENT PRACTICE (Monitor / adjust individual) PRODUCTIVE
Teacher will assign the travel brochure portion of the lesson as preparation
to the class presentation

Teacher will collect brochures prior to presentation to confirm students have

strong understanding of discussion pieces necessary for role play activity /

Each student will go to front of class and present his/her travel brochure. The class
will use role play script (attached to lesson plan) since this script has specific
research points required for brochure.

DIFFERENTIATED LEARNING ACTIVITIES (Learning centers, manipulatives,
special needs, etc.):

Learning Center: I will add travel brochures to the learning center so
students are able to see real travel brochures.

Gate: GATE students will add three more city facts to their travel brochure.

Learning Difficulties (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder): The
Teachers Aid can work one-on-one with student while researching
information. The student will be allowed full access to room if he/she is
needs to move during role play presentation.

SDAIE Techniques:
o Students are allowed to utilize pre-writing exercises
o Students are able to use hands-on manipulatives to help present
travel brochure
o Slower response rate allowed for SDAIE students

ASSESSMENT (objective verb): Ability to summarize and recommend a city using
pervious research.

RUBRIC (What does it measure?):

Informal: Ask class if there are any questions after the individual role play

Formal: Possible 10 / 10 points
One point for every expected point listed below (and in preparation
When did this city become an official city?
Special landmark does it have one?
How many people reside in this city?
Attribute - is there something that makes this city unique?
One interesting fact about the city chosen
One photo included in brochure

How many miles is this city from Los Angeles (approximate to nearest
100 miles)?
If we visit your city, how would we get there from Los Angeles?
Approximately how long would it take us to get to your city by your
suggestion method of transportation?
Brochure itself created in Word or PowerPoint