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Recovering From Recovery

Recovering From Recovery


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Published by Siobhan
what we all do
what we all do

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Published by: Siobhan on Feb 13, 2010
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Recovering from recovery You don’t mind do you?

If I Soak up your tears Absorb all your fears Wrap your heart in love Make you feel More than enough You don’t mind do you? If I Spill soft words Paint a brave new world Stay whilst you sleep Watching peace creep Over your countenance divine ‘O’ friend of mind You don’t mind do you? That I prepare your food And clean up for you Open your blinds Tell you again, and again Don’t worry Everything, will be just fine You don’t know, do you? As I close your door That I fall apart That I have to repair this punctured heart For my next visit That you don’t mind Do you ? By Siobhan O’Sullivan

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