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™ AE FM caoote2-0) ‘fin’ BW YEE SENG : fet Wohl ei ea a ee actos. aa. Introduction BW Yoe Seng Hardware Trading Sd Bhd (EWYS), established on 2 August 1969, 's committed to manufacture high quality cansuetion ‘equipments, Product range includes stee frame scaffolding, scaffold tubes & fitin, pipe support. heavy duty shoring system, table frm, ‘modular system scaffold and other related steel fabrication, In ths evalving business paoe, we stronaly believe in high efficiency and superb quality in order to meet the ultmate requirement and Satisfaction of clients. Our goal isto exceed the expectation of every cant by offering oustanding customer service, increase flexibility and ateater value, thus optimizing system functonaty and imoroving operation efclency. (Our involvement in major companies as a supplier has earned us much accolades and credits. We have extensive network and close relationship with contractors particularly in the bulging and infrastructure construction, ol & gas, shipyards, entertainment industy and so forth, [At BWV Yee Seng Hardware Trading Sdn Bhd, we are continuously expanding upon our knowledge and services to sesst cents with successful implementation. Thanks tothe strong management team consisting of passionate, experienced and decicated professionals with ability to uphold the standards, specication, requirement and commitment of client. [BW YEE SENG HARDWARE TRADING SON BHD, as one ofthe leading companies in Melaysia, also own the following companies, namely [BWYEE SENG (JOHORE) SDN. BHD. (680775.A), BW YEE SENG (SABAH) SDN. BHD. (740235-K), BW YEE SENG (SARAWAK) SDN. BHD. (867996-M), BEKALAN PIE SDN. BHD. (170415-K), PRIMA MAX VENTURES SON. BHD. (748843.\W), YS SUCCESS INDUSTRIES ‘SON. BHD. (810954-P), HH STEEL TRADING SON. BHD. (863248-4), HAl KANG STEEL (M) SDN. BHD. (761865-W0, Our Philosophy BW Yee Seng Hardware Trading Sdn Bhd is a fast emerging establishment set to uphold quality standard through our efficiency With our roots firmly and passionately anchored in the foundation of quality work and versatility our pool of experts are ready to meet your needs with our very own signature service. Because we believe that there is always "Room to PROGRESS through EFFICIENCY" 76 sess Our Results: 9 Singapore Test Services ‘ of ST Kinetics Technical Data ‘Srenght of fame depends on position where compressive load is being applied I" FA 101 on 5m 38 a Yang fae ‘Shc ing wane * Osteion tot nn Load et of ang Fame > detec tat Basic of Assembling External Scaffolding 1. BW 202 Walking Frame 2. BW 102 Vertical Frame 2. BW207 Cross Brace 4. BW801 Am Lock 5. BW701 Jon Pin & 6W208 Walking Board 7 BW60" Jack Base & BWst4 Sar 8. EWW207 Walking Frame 0, BW 901 Hand Rall Pole 41, BW902 Hand Rall 42, BWEIt Truss Hanger 13, BW810 Truss 44, BW S12 Truss Git aoe \\\" ee i ee aS 4 1 BWe Scaffolding Unit Parts ——x —_____. rons ace C ‘temno | 8 ©) Tie Rod & Tie Nut Metal Deck Sizes available in milimeter — wath ow | 210, 240 Lengtn(t)| 7500, 2000, 3000, 4,000 | 00000000000000000000000000000) | [09000000000000000000000000000. '00000000000000006006000000000, [(00000000000000000000000000000. caanyy Weel | SCAFFOLDING val G.I. Pipe Scaffolding Pipe (Galvanized) - Standard Length 6m / cut to size ‘Thickness 4.0mm BS 1138 BSP. ‘Thickness 2.4mm JS. AaS5PT ‘Thickness 2.0mm JS. Aas6P RIGHT ANGLE (DOUBLE) COUPLER ‘SWIVEL COUPLER (FORGED) (FORGED) BS-00 BS-SC FIXED BEAM CLAMP SLEEVE COUPLER BS-FBC as-sic BONE JOINT. PUT LOG COUPLER - BSP Bs-PC Vertical Shore / Jack Support Vertical Shore Advay apchucon Roses Fre azar Botner teen 2 Agrees Rosie a ns speciteations Moet No, | Ful Eon | Ghose 2 | Baton G5) | 20binni6 56) ol Pe prtioans wes | Seton (2-6) | 2s0hmm(r-87) Rolling Tower Assembly of the model > Casters ‘Confirm wether the tyres are damaged and the brakes work well > Horizontol Brace Never fail o attach the horizontal brace or stip frame tothe frst ‘stage to prevent the deformation and torsion of the tower. > Frame Connect the frames by pins and arm lock, > Caster Brake ‘Apply the brake ofthe casters during operation. > Transfer ‘Never move the tower with the operation on. Confirm the inserted length ofthe jacks and condition of springs ofthe casters, so that they may not get loose from the frame, > Reserve Pillar Prepare a reserve pillar for the operation a NW Wer It? a SCAFFOLDING " BW SC60* Shoring System a Components List afd 2 BW Shoting System is a heavy duty Shoring ‘System to support al ype of Svuctures, + Loss part fee + Fast erection & ismanting + Nomistoke + Mult direction & muttievel $C60-201 $C60-202 $C60-203 $C60-204 T Frame Hotzortal Member Pian Brace Brace 13a “an aoe 100m Dane 1.00m = 250m. l ‘SC60-U01 SC60-205 SC60-J01 ‘$C60-206 U-Head Vertical Member Jack Base Starter Member OTUs erate rien h Sen ieee Sneed Tel, 604-530 7331/7414 era aa Dares Lot 6019, Batu 6 Jalan Bukit Kemuning, Roos Seem Meee Tel: 603-5161 6000/7000 ere eae JB Branch : eee cue weer nyTy Eee moa Loree RITE) Gomes EE Tg eed PT4255 Block B, Jalan 1/44 Kawasan Perindustrian Pengkalan Chepa Il (FTZ) Mukim Panchor Seksyen 44, Pee ca Cur cleaner) ica eearkt ey va Saeed Ree Riu eu Oh ae eeu acs IE) Lei cCRaIe ee) Fax 6088-71651 OP R e eSe eeSUt PACA eet ace cy aoe) eatery Reed eet LW Me ce a Scans an ec ed eee Subsidiary and Assoctate Companies : Set es une CS SAC Te DE Mr Mex) -BW Yee Seng (Sarawak) Sdn. Bhd. (857998-M) -Bekalan PIE Sdn, Bhd, (170415-K) SPS a uM CLT ka) rene a CMM aD} SONG mec a ke can) SKM) SAC Tan ME Kern) fie Th eH Ty A BE AS A] sois20y BW YEE SENG HARDWARE TRADING SDN. BHD. Coa ool Ty foo Tet