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Our development is Smart Traffic Light Systems with Pedestrian crossing based on
PIC using sound alert is the title of this project. Event due to manlike misconduct of drivers
who break fill crossways the way using note accomplishment.
This is because the non-performance of the programme who did not react the
proximity of unit who thing the earthbound especially to those non perfect phyical (OKU),
the elderly and the children who were path the touring. Contoller systems that has been using
PIC microcontroller , are electronic circuits that can be programmed to vast ability of tasks.
Interaction lightness using PIC faculty run simultaneously.
Vehicular traffic at intersecting streets is typically limited by interchange test lights.
The utility of interchange lights requires svelte interact and coordination to
secure that traffic moves as smoothly and safely as thinkable.
In recent days electro-mechanical controllers are replaced by electronic circuits. The
quality & imperfection easygoing drive towards electronic circuits.
Microcontroller is programmed in specified a way to change their timing and phasing
to deal changing conditions. The circuit also being certain is also outlay powerful.