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Theories of Learning

Learning when practice or experience causes a

relatively permanent change in an individuals
knowledge, behaviors, or attitudes (Hoy & Hoy, 2009).

Kayla Conely

Behavioral Learning Theory

Learning is a process of reacting to
external stimuli, (TeachThought,
Influenced by: B.F. Skinner



Easy to use or implement

Does not cultivate higher

level thinking

Puts behavior in students


Will only work for so long

Can raise test/assessment


When reinforcements/
consequences stop,
behaviors tend to also stop

Behavioral Views of Learning

changes in behavior are brought about by experiences, (Hoy & Hoy, 2009).

*When teaching practical, everyday

(drill) skills
*For the acquisition of facts or
*To encourage or illicit motivation in
*To change a behavior

Appropriate Situations for

Behavioral Perspectives

Cognitive Learning Theory

Learning is a process of acquiring
and storing information,
(TeachThought, 2013).
Influenced by: ancient Greek
philosophy, Bruner, Piaget



Learning can appeal to many Emphasis on previously

parts of the brain
learned material
(TeachThought, 2013)
Develops students cognitive

De-emphasis on creativity

Well-grounded in old and

new theory

Does not address motor skills

or attitudes (TeachThought,

Cognitive Views of Learning

we plan our responses, use systems to help us remember, and organize the material
we are learning in our own unique ways, (Hoy & Hoy, 2009).

*Cooperative learning
*Long-term learning
*Learning complex material

Appropriate Situations for

Cognitive Perspectives

Constructivist Learning Theory

Knowledge is constructed through
personal understanding from
meaningful shared experiences,
(TeachThought, 2013).
Influenced by: Piaget, Vygotsky,
Kohler, Duncker, Bartlett, and



Can be valuable for retention Can be demanding on

of learning
teachers or facilitators
Aids cooperative and
engaging learning

Student must be motivated

Builds active thinkers,

Can be cognitively
explainers, interpreters, and burdensome on some
questioners (Hoy & Hoy,
students, (TeachThought,

Constructivist Views of Learning

Learners are active in constructing their own knowledge; social interactions are
important to knowledge construction, (Hoy & Hoy, 2009).

*Socratic/Discussion-based learning
*Cooperative learning
*To connect to prior learning

Appropriate Situations for

Constructivist Perspectives

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