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Destroy All
E3 Presenter Script v3.0


Mothership looming above the


Welcome. What you are about to see is

highly classified information. Prior to
today, Majestic level clearance would be
required for you to even know of its

UFO launch cinematic

As you may have guessed, an alien

entity has come to Earth. We have
compiled this dossier on its activities,
studying its powers and technology.
As you may have guessed, the Earths
integrity has been breached on two
separate occasions. Weve dealt with the
first and have detailed files on the
entities weaponry and considerable

Fade to black and load

Watch and learn!

Roll Tape!

Cinematic - bike riding starts

Smalltown, USA. This could be your

hometown, people!

Cinematic - Crypto reveal in the


This is the face of the enemy! Hes an

ugly, little space baby, aint he!
This is the entity! Dont let his size fool
you, as youll see hes one tough


Cut to Crypto in the paddock, starts

running to cows

For generations these aliens have

tampered with their genetic code. They
now possess ungodly mental powers!
Their scientists have tampered with their
DNA and their deal with the genetic
devil has given them considerable
mental powers!

Scan the cow

Guard your thoughts well! The human

mind is like an open book to this

Cinematic Crypto gets angry at the

Dogs bark.

The laws of physics are like putty to the

alien mind!

Crypto PKs and cow and moves it


This is no illusion! Look how it draws

pleasure from mutilating this poor

Cinematic Farmer comes out

1 in 5 Americans believe in alien

abductions and flying saucers. Thats
about to increase!

Sees Crypto and advances, alert then


The general public must not become

aware of this threat. Isolation as re
eduction is all we can offer these poor
Cinematic Farmer runs and gets
shotgun, then returns

Despite their awesome mental abilities,

the creature is NOT immune to physical
harm. It can be killed!

Farmer starts shooting at Crypto, hits

once or twice
Hypnotize farmer

Weaker minds fall prey to the aliens

powers of mind control!

Lead farmer to UFO

You will be trained to avoid this fate! If
you deny this training, youll be putty in

this space freaks hands.
Cinematic Farmer is held in beam,
Crypto initiates probe, first probe is

1 in 7 Americans say that they, or

someone they know, been abducted by

Cinematic continues, second probe

is pleasurable!

34% of those who have been abducted

by aliens report having a positive

Cinematic third probe and drop


<beat> Shocking, I know.

Newspaper Headline, fade to black

Utilizing our far reaching influence, we

managed to keep the populace ignorant
of the alien presence.

Cinematic Establishing shots of fair

and drive-in

Its fiendish plan to infiltrate humanity

led from the isolated farms of the
Midwest to bustling suburbia.

Start in cover
Body Snatch a person

They can look like anyone. They could

look just like you! <points> Maybe even
you! <points>

Run into the fair in disguise.

Curious little bastard, aint it?

Cortex Scan a few people

Approach bottle neck crowd one and

Notice how it avoids large groups of

people. Perhaps it has difficulty
maintaining the illusion of humanity?
See how it avoids the crowds. Our top
men believe this to be a weakness in its
illusory powers.

Hypnotize a person

It can control the minds of the weak

willed. Luckily some of us are trained to

Your very will will be tested to its
limits! Guard your thoughts!
Make the hypnoslave do a silly dance
to distract the crowd

See how easily the alien can make a

person act against their will! It used this
person as a distraction and passed by

Approach bottle neck crowd two at the His escape is blocked by the crowd!
fair exit
Who knows what is going through his
twisted alien brain, but hes clearly
confused by the crowd!
PKs the ferris wheel and rips off
carriage, even goes and looks

The alien kills innocent humans and

clearly has no remorse. Its alien mind is
clearly warped.

Crypto runs into the drive-in in

entrance in disguise, moves past
couple and queue of people

See how it doesnt pay! We suspect it

has communist leanings and is trying to
form a fifth column.
See how it doesnt pay! Were not sure
if they use Rubles or Deutschmarks, but
theyre clearly not comfortable with the

Crypto watches the movie

We recruited the finest film-makers in

Hollywood. The message Aliens dont
mess with us!

Cinematic Crypto delivers a speech /


The alien has a high tech arsenal to

match his mental powers. It is adept at
using them to destructive effect!

Chaos ensues
Newspaper Headline

As the alien became bolder, hiding its

presence required more extravagant

Fade to Black
Start in alleyway

The alien attempted to infiltrate the

highest levels of government! We are

Scientist walks past and checks time

only as strong asour weakest link!

Body snatch scientist

Dogs are mans best friendand thus an

enemy to marauding space freaks!

Walk past dog, it barks

Walk past Town Crazy and listen

We let the crazies say what they want.

Those nutjobs do a fine job of
discrediting themselves.

Scans the mail box, get the wacky

interpretation of it

The alien seems to lack understanding

of some elements of human society.
One weakness exposes itself as the alien
tries, clumsily, to interact with humans.
This may be your first and only chance
to identify one.

Conversation minigame soldier

Conversation minigame Crypto

The alien can have a strong influence on

weak minds.

Conversation minigame Crypto


See! God forbid the creature gets

anywhere near our feeble minded

Cinematic G-Men attack

Luckily there is a group of us strong

enough to resist its alien powers.

Cryptos disguise comes down

Hes unleashing those ray guns onto

innocents. Those people didnt stand a

Open street combat ensues

Crypto gets into the UFO and takes off Flying saucers are QUITE real, and the
freaky little guy has one of his own.
UFO chaos ensues

Final volley of Quantum
Deconstructors takes down the big


Fade to black

Just remember, we took one of these

bastards down at Roswell, we can do it
again. They are NOT invincible!

Newspaper Headline
Cinematic - Crypto in front of Capital
Fade to Black

Be vigilant!
Report any alien activity!
The enemy could be any of us!
It could be YOU!

The Invasion Begins 2005

Fade to Black

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