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Destroy All
E3 Presentation v2.2
Animation List
This is on top of the behavior and Meet and Greet animations

- UFO launching from mothership and flying to earth

Site 1 Alien Abductions at the Farm

- Bike riding animation for cinematic. This is all one long anim. Country girl merrily
rides the bike along a flat piece of road (need to get the exact distance from the
studio), and then the bike is picked up by PK (trigger fx), rider starts flailing and
screaming, then they are flung through the air into the distance (again well need to
work out that trajectory)
- Close shot of Crypto saying Pathetic Humans! morph for this?
- Cows eating
- Cows looking up
- Cow being scanned
- Cow lifts tail, takes a dump
- Cow held in PK
- Cow colliding with something
- Cow face morph terror
- Cow face morph talk
- Cow corpse pose
- Cow talking
- Dog barking
- Farmer is flustered, whats going on with his cows?
- Farmer sees Crypto and wonders what he hell he is
- Farmer scratches head
- Farmer turns around
- Farmer looks left and right
- Farmer lifted up in beam
- Farmer held in beam loop
- Farmer dropped from beam
- Farmer probe face morph 1 hes kind of enjoying it, ooooh!
- Farmer probe face morph 2 that hurt, aaaargh!
- Farmer probe face morph 3 oops too much knocked him out, URK!
- Crypto interrogating farmer 1 Tell me your secrets

- Crypto interrogating farmer 2 Pathetic human
- Crypto interrogating farmer 3 What sort of answer is that?
- Crypto scratching chin, hes going to take a while to recover

Site 2 Infiltration and Panic at the Drive-In

- Person being cortex scanned
- Talking and responses and looking around for people milling about in the fair
- Crypto delivering defiant speech, fist raised, Citizen Kane style with the big screen
behind him

Site 3 Mayhem in the City

- Scientist checks the time
- Soldier pointing, hold it right there
- Soldier walking and pointing, just a second!
- Scientist explaining self Collect my notes! & Ill just visit the pres empty
- Scientist conspiratorial You like brunettes? & She has a sister!
- Soldier not buying body snatcher story
- Soldier agreeing with / buying body snatcher story
- Soldier wave through
- G-Man point and shout - Stop that space freak!
- Crypto (morph?) chuckling, smirk on face

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