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Singapore Geospatial Challenge SGC2015

Unlocking your Sixth Sense * Enabling a Smart Nation

Challengers of SGC2015, are you ready?
In partnership with National Parks Board NParks and Ministry
of Education MOE, more than 270 registered SGC2015 student
challengers will collaboratively collect environmental data in
selected parks with provided sensors. Challengers will learn how
to interpret, analyse and visualise these data spatially using GIS
software and to make illustrative Webmaps to present their ideas
and findings.

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#SGC2015 Cash prizes worth $15,000 up for grabs

GeoStart* Get cracking at our #GeoStartathon and learn GIS analytics, map visualisation & more
GeoSense* Get sensing and crowdsourcing environmental data using sensors
GeoWorks* Get your works published online

Brief Timeline
May, June
GeoStart kickstarts end-May with a series of E-Lectures, GeoStartathon and Handson Workshops that continues through June!
After receiving SGC sensors in June, teams will partake in GeoSense fieldwork
Create GeoWorks online, and culminate at our annual GeoAwards in end-July

Challenge Categories
SGC is open to Secondary, Junior College, ITE, Polytechnics and University students in Singapore.
Team size: 2-4 members in each team.
Challenge Categories:
Category 1: Secondary
Category 2: JC, Polytechnic & ITE
Category 3: University

NOTE: Difference categories will work with different sensor types and timeline/ deadlines
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All teams will be provided some resources to set the foundation for this competition, but teams are
not limited to these resources. Do take the initiative to source for your own hardware, software and
data etc.
Sensors & Crowdsourced Data Processing:
Types of Sensors Provided for
Allocated Categories
GeoSense Fieldwork
of Participants
SENSg Sensors
Sec participants are to
(Sensor collection/ despatch details to crowdsource data in
be emailed to participants separately)
allocated park-grids
12-17 Jun
Collection/ Despatch Dates: 1-11 Jun

SGEO Sensors
(Self-Assembly Sensor Hands-on
workshop details to be emailed to
participants separately)
Sensor Hands-on
Dates: 23-25 Jun
Timeslots: 9am-12noon /2pm-5pm/
Workshop Venue:
Prototyping Lab @OneMaker Group
located at entrance/ ground level of
National Design Centre (by the
exhibition hall/ space and information

JC, Poly, ITE & Uni

participants are to
crowdsource data in
allocated park-grids
26-30 Jun

Data Syncing to ArcGIS Online/

SGC Organiser will load the data
you have synced and collected
from NSE portal to ArcGIS portal.
SGC will process the
crowdsourced geodata ready
and upload to the ArcGIS cloud
for your use/ download by
date (tbc)
Challengers will load the data
you have collected into a
common cloud storage.
SGC will process the
crowdsourced geodata ready
and upload to the ArcGIS cloud
for your use/ download by
date (tbc)

Data Collection Guide:

Data Collection should be from 7am to 7pm only, and all teams are allocation specific parkgrids. Date should be collected in both AM Morning and PM Afternoon spread out for a
minimum 12 hours of data per team.
Mapping Tools:
All teams will be provided ready-to-use User-Accounts to cloud software ArcGIS Online and the same User-Accounts will also log in to the
below mobile app.
Do also download ArcCollector app from Apple/ Android store. You should be using the
ArcCollector app to collect the location (x,y or lat,long geo-coordinates) of your sensor
points for the purpose of geocoding your crowdsourced/ collected sensor data. The parkgrids (data layer) will be visible on the app after you have logged in.
Important Links:
1. E-Learning
2. FAQ s (for Challenge, and Sensors)
3. Rules & Regulations (includes Judging Criteria stated in Paragraph 8)
4. Submission details
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Some Take-homes for students

a. Learn what it takes to become a citizen of a Smart Nation
b. Work with sensor technology and engage in fieldwork
c. Hands-on learning for sensors, data and/or mapping tools
d. Empower student to sense and shape their environment
f. Gain knowledge and skills to work with GIST and maps
g. Network and learn from industry players and professionals
h. National level challenge with cash prizes up for grabs

Promoting participatory GIS and experiential learning (Visit SGC2014 Website and SGC2013 Videos)

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Social Media Links:

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2. SGC Twitter Page -
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