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Bush-Whacked: At Home in Andy Humm on, New York: the Log Cabin’s Washingtoi p and Here in New Yo: » Pages 5,7 Duncan Osborne Searches for The Truth About 1969 | page 6 Pron @ Stealing Stonewall The Dubious History of Williamson Henderson. By Duncan Osbome sy what you will abot Willamson Henderson, ‘he keeps. busy. A under ofthe Stonowal Veteran's Assocation and the Imperial Quoens and Kings of Greater New York, bo has been seen at Grace Mansion with Republican Mayor Rudy Glusa, keeping company ‘wth Demoerat Hot Spltae, the stato a lomey general, and often ata June gay pide march a Quorn Alon Ane A inte Vong his sates a a eeran of the 1969" Sonal ots Henderson. has Iced is may nto by pot, ae | insane ci pote een Now ving chor f commana Wow ato dpeting tat he a Sopa and syn bat eae’ ico sow one end Wiemson Fen terson Fenderson recently tuk tne cl stout kine and the Sonowal ie a i860. Hewes charming. scasirally cyan alas con bt aes WEEE eke eine Tene oe Sets isan patel bs sy ine? iloniamet socal tng. stoms sth a tbe var ard one {2 the Smeal inno ae 281968 svhena pole radon ta uy bar ured Sere mma etetta mers Ghee hay tat are every Jane Virals and nares This invasion happens and was caught opin Henderson si He en {ais ata, ut tas one ising Ties. has bon arrested tree ine ein 197 and we 1978 He ht Sharron am 1963. Wy ~The no ea Henderson cu He has mporers Rn Roe, 49, 8 stoner Yeerane hsteton hbo Serra yuung en receive pole beating txt th Snel a gt “tas eral beng eat” Rose said “le war sartge Bing beat ‘them... [remember blood.” fe iso fret et lendersonin 1995 and sie spun nan i (enero nih gerd” ae sald "ny pion, he was bere fn ho red, bat can be sre washin: Henderson and Roe diferon th beat ing tur wastrel: bot Ba ise catty te “ingen hy tat fas Boat op” Handtoncl. "1 wasn eal up Stal, Tera Van Dyke 052 earl svA'menber ened the arest and aha Renders 1509 Cada pete {tide th ar, was stand by ple “Tm prety sre thre was ain the bar i ent ono ve dye hal Aikawa red at erway taken ay Vn Dykes th toch ttstrcas when resedebout is mee ery ns ender 1969 bo ny net himin mid realzed He Gerson asthe an be sen ares | years pee errr |e ee ee Sears | gma Me, tae eee mersaree ene tie rena | Sa tee et pee eee en cae ee seer mopped ieee cer | eer ices cea ce Batre ohare | oe reyes Gee Be Pty | Shepeneentates eth sce aan? Be vce geag| een nt caret rite le, ieertarmaer Solna me | ern eco indy Can, Ken. Bsn, en Alison Are Alan and Gist ly, ia 1986 ly grealatod exallmessag styear__ |The fingerprints are not currently ‘i was not part of any ofthe re | ave, Henderson sail. Th piture be once on ary oth nighs Frat | sapledi LIV ad no infra a ‘Zen lo know thar was mo Calc | tentang ts et. on the block hang. nm won, | One ther person elaed to have seen or on anyother night Tate eae | thee records n 1970 Hal Weber 6, an ‘wasn't try, but nolng. no on, can | storey. recalled obtaining the 196 a. ofr Fy eked all the people tht | rest records fo Henderson, {Eno wether they were my ends r | "Can swear fo you wih 100-pereent fancent enemies and aot aig one | postin, tthe bat of my rene: is ever heard aim” Key” Winer nd Heals represent Toward ‘Smith, 63, and Lacan Ke | 6 iederonin tho early 7D when he sweat IV, 53, are the loge ole te | as inva in ay pals. ters who wrote the best jens ae- |" ropresentedWlamson in 70,71, bunts of tho nt. Both are stragh it | 72, on many ocean, oot stone bo apparent neo rind oncoraing who | Weir ai ‘rasa Sina [eat ow reliable ace memories of Nether remembers pace seg a | events more than 30 year ago? And of (adllnors that inode in ha 1963 | course ios are oot highly organiad Sri ‘vents As Vin Dy sad oon ok al "Thee were no cas towed tht nigh | el! Boyond th bos ones, can ay. a5 I real” sid rset «novels and| op remem what happened ts io? irr Thro omaha | Senos et ci mee ‘kas gol a there” ard debating mys in wot But “There was Wily Henderson ae-| Hlandeson ral on hiv ory ors raignd on ne 30, 1963, acaring to | cash Tes anyone’ goes haw moch he {ho rminel court docket books He was | has colocted and how thet money 52, Sead ier han Wilameon was at | spot. ale and fe «Bros aie | "Rb SV nor QKNY hasnt ‘Wiamson sil gave pole Lng | state rom the neal Revenue Serve, ‘May 4, 2000 or bas thir Ieratare, unl recent ‘laid ht status. Thy hove never Hod ny tancal statements reqied of ae ‘xem group withthe IS o the stats ‘sorney general Dopations fo a taxex ‘pt group aro tax-deductible Watts Ss badge? "italy does have ona” Henderon sai, ares rom ua toys "hs year th Gey Franca Networ cx pindom, snd ho campaign ef fo Gicie,« Democrat candidate fr tbe US" Sat m Now Jere, Bght a 9 the SVA nowsleten The Corio ea eign pai $500 fo run ino ous A {fs gnc was not rete in. 1099, SYA iaunched a fandaising efoto mark is 30th anniversary. Tho foun reseed $250 trom the Empire ite Pride Agenda aswel as S250 exch trom he congressional amas ep Feventaes. Jerry Nadler and Carlo atone. ‘Both SVA and 1QKNY have bald regu fundriore czording io group news foro dang 10 1995, Tmoy charg es Fang Im $25 $100 inthe past he iiahian and. Gay" Conan Servs Caner, Out magazine ond th Ga) and Uaslan. Allene Against Defamation ‘ave me donations Fagin rom $800 St00. LGN found donations from ind ‘dts such ae E6 Koch the former Fo Ale oun oe sal, bot TER cul ot determine i ergo cr indvidalshave donated. in 1997, Republesn Aron Genet Dennis Vasco rected compa abut SiR and opened an loguty nt the ou. "Ithink they were making an inguiry 2s to whether ot nat tere was 9 represen {ation as to tae exempt satus” sald Karen Burstein, SVAs pro bono counsa “instructed [SVA) to ot represent the money as tax deductible. What canst {utes an impropriety i the misrepresen tation that something tax deductible aot” ‘The stats of that inguiry is unclear Spitzer olor recelved anther com plait concerning SVA lst July. ive days Inwr the attomey general wamed the frou, by late, a was daingent a gis 1997 and 1998 financial repors Using the stato open records law, LGNY ‘soughtall dcuments on SVA on March 15, and, ve days lator, Spitzer’ ofc sont SVA another waring. “Ici something that Ihave toe and we wll, bat hey are not going to be gt tng any money because we dant ave any” Henderson sald. Spitzer, elcid in 1998, was endorsed by Henderson asthe head’ of the Pride Democrats, soother ‘roup he founded, "The group has applied for tx-oxampt status with de RS, according to Burst, ‘SVA bar ot recelved that satus though Is erature tow Kenles the group tx exompt. “the general rules are you should not Pace 20 Soeecge ae bbe holding yourself out as, having faxcenompt stats you don',” sald eon 2 okespeon, "SPA wl et give agai. Pihave concerns about where the money has gone.” said Mat! Foreman, ESE expe diet 7 ‘thers have never glen because find onderon too aggresive. 6 not shy about publely ientlying thos0 bo fale pony up cas, ‘We've Bot donated because we've found his tae intimidating,” sald. String Zinsmeyer, aboard member and st present ofthe Stznewall Democ Fats, gay poial cu, ike pars of Henderson's past might mae one doubt fe wisi of ev ‘money to aay group healed by 111992, Henderson was the board sec- relary of the Imperial Cour. He sold 3 ‘51.000 table forthe Night fa Thousand Gowns the Courts annual fundraiser. ‘lenderson sdmited thatthe chock, made payable tothe Court, was deposited In fe of bis business ocounts. It was en terror by ona af his employees. “Someono gave a check and it was dex posted Inthe wrong acount.” Hender- Son Sab. “infact, it got reimbursed as ‘oun a fund out aati" "The Court recorered only $500, ani Henderson was forced ot fr “the 9p pearance of fancial Umpropriey.” ac Eordng to Pallp Stor, the board pres ent. “Tiv Impoial Court removed him and he’ heen squavking about it ever sinc.” Stoebr sade wont off and stared an ‘organization called the imperial Queens Fenderson i also involved In an ev ion proceeding with his landlord that ‘ip bring adeno up short, As of Jani- fry, be owed neatly $7.00 in rent c- ‘rng to court eco. The landlord ae ‘sed Henderson of photocopying only the font of check and presenting i 2s ‘evidence tet the rent arears had been pal Tlespondent has, ona east one occa sion, deliver to petoner’s agen a pho locopy of a check that he claimed was tendered the landlord's agent. The re- ponent has doge hs sorta hing inthe ay te nord charged I ou Letters to The Editor ‘contin fom BS ‘fered ton the article as a ay male” foraea “alright woman,” and both rater ‘eno would be correct tn the case of hal" the erento reference mado with rogard othe curtent sex assignment ‘ofthe par, while with “woman,” the of fntaon raters to gonder presentation ‘One ea sd anher shade wih “butch lander — as tne concept of “butch raoperali M2 transsexual (Srakght ‘mal (gay Womanfesan) nt a i> pes decom. Ieowr, degendered people have no problem vsing gender and sex as sjn- frye, ahd matnale or woranferale fs euivalent words, bose for the c= fendered, thes tars are Intrchango- ‘bl, Burs nto tho uncharted sea of tie ttanggender worl, and the chico of ‘words beers eri one i 1 avoid Leepian & Gay New Yonx lon Henderson dened the charge. "Anything that {submited to them was feoot and back" he sald. “That was a {abo thing that thoy sald "Then there ae clas that Henderson ‘nas mde that make one question rauch of what he sys. Henderson claimed SVA was founded Just flr Stonewall. No record supports thi, SVAregitrod with New Yor yin 1996 and withthe stats in 1998, (one inarpoated then.” Hender- son said. That's not what gay organiza fone ai. 'm not going, 80 yeast, ‘art proving an organization was around jistbecauss someone sae was.” That is. ressor alo, but one frmer SVA member said it ‘hore was need fF ‘il. That was the Dogianing of te oF ganization, Ie was {wonder fling to Ibear the applause and fel the Joe from handed of thousands of people” Previously, Newon sad that Hender- son was a the Stonewall 1969, bo now denies tha ‘Sinai, Henderson claimed 1OKNY ‘ves ounded in 1968 a he Stanewal ln. TLGNY found IQKNY recor dato 1934, ‘but no eal. "The Imperial, Courts Stoe ecalled IQKNY was founded after Henderson wa tssed fom ths Court in 1992, “Its purling claim since we al re member when ft ws Tounded.” Soehr aid ia 1997 atervow with Tapestry mag. sine, Henderson claimed that 1QKNY The ea and orks and whirlpools el ber now Joann Pall Vera ‘aul Schindler replies The description 1 sod in my ser was i fact Simone Pe ‘arson ov. ‘Turnout Key to Farley's Jersey Race cpa, 700 ie tor Ur ale sou Jol Fey Ca paler Congrennal ote a New sey ala twa (oa Fr As Wann" | fet snd La ge 20 one | Er abnor ct you aed to “Pve been personally harassed by this guy or his agenda are reprehensible.” (/Torganbed the campaign agaist Anta Bryant homophobic gaybashing cam- alga” In 1977, Bryan defeated a Miami ord- nance banning discrimination on the bas ef serual orientation. It was the Dade County Coston for Human Rights (hea hat et. Hn, IGNY “sured the Aust gay pride parade” in NewYork Gy land “wis to the poe sation tthe {inter The 1970 march went to Cen tal Pank and no other story conimas TQKOYS partipation. | “The feling that samething isnot quite ight ven extends to hs age Many’ people le About tele age. Few doit wih tha srt ot ae eae Baier, for the past few years,” nkren eat, ‘ten becuse we ot said Alan Fleishman, 10*/he was oenin Brooklyn and | a fe organ he past president of anon a Hen feeelsowmih Brooklyn's Lambda Seve ot sia, Independent Democrats Seah se te “His tactics anise "ewe eva His tacts Re ees sen ergs, of intimidating | ya Canny Simei deirnay and harassing people . gins "ie mademmattic “who he feels sada | incaat Rite don't support his efforts S5ox6" rape: tively. as their year” Hotta weuld fly confirm infor naa tonal ready possessed, soit was able to ver that 1944 was th birth year on the un fergradate records, ut about the grad- tale records Hotta said only thatthe birth year as nether 1949, 1952, nar 1953, The ate of bith in all records LGNY found was October 5 Henderson appears to have fudged his resume to at is ago Ho eared Nis BA {in 1974, according his resume. Hota gave th year as 1968, Henderson pe flenty responded to LGNYs folomup ‘rrstions, Dut he would ot ste his iendeson ha also alienated many in few York Ci’ gay poltical cies. Sal wart Democrats do not Hk his embrace Tmention wae “voter turnout” The turnout in many New Jory Democratic Party Primates have bean vry low in can yar. tn part this is because ofthe predominance of Democrat party “ma- Shine” plans who tar ofthe average ‘oer However, Jol has real hanes simply At he gots the gay vote cut Ths isthe rah. There ato approximately 60,000, oop in the Die Let ay Bouse of {he number under 18 years of age, ard those who choose nol ores there aro ‘only 260,000 onthe electra rol. ta NU. fone can Vota fr whoever one Wan in 3 rary. Lets say ony 5% are ay o le Ban lowsball ge). Tats 18.000 ‘votes, With 1,000 votes Fly wing the | pinay! In shot, Faray can win without poling singe hotsoserual vote gay Ed lesion go Sar act togetber fr hangs ‘As 8 newspaper that hss in the past Max 4, 2000 ‘of Glan or AID'Amato, te former US. Senator Henderson, of couse, ust ons tfmany Democrats to ecaionly ally Stina Repaiian and ext pols rdted Ih Geof whte gy voters backed Gi Tan hi 997 mayoral recactn rac, Henderson also eld 8 sucesfl 1996 Candidtes forum that robe, a Ist Bion ore a lendbron is wiling to buck te gay ial isdrs when the ena on erent on rls und BS Iizaggresve maner tht oes them "hen Willamoon Henderson calls ho citer ants money for SA or a eter rociming bow wonder he so he & ‘Shing tobe honored" sad Alen Rast ‘longtime gay ight activi. “is acts ‘ake him fpoetbl odo with Henderson has sulting pet names for many people has sparred ih and Used them freely im intervie wil Hembard erie with phone cals and finest get is way. A sumbe of poole Saved those documents and haps Shared ther wth LONY. ive been personally harassed by tis spy for tho past ow years sid lan Fleshman, pest president of Brooks Lambie dependent Democrats. “HS {acts of intimidating and easing peo Ble hohe feels dont suppor his efor Erni agenda are aprons” ‘Bat Henderson so has pola sup pores who vale his supper. has any Iter om oes! pliians sa Ing SVAorTQKNY and the SA donations cecal imply approval “Salas been very supportive of amy canaries for which Tm Yer) SpE tae Kee sald Buren had sin view fink caring tan who be lowes that the worl ought to be flr oop Who ae gy she sald “ve prob- {by known him falrly well since the {1984 eampalgn for attorney genera.” Henderson fls back on his Stnewall votran sats. He made secre fr he quoet community in 1969 and ater- wards, Suggesting he was not_at Stonewall wan atack and an attack ‘guint hii a attack agtost al of ws is an ins omy integr” hes. ‘san meu to gay history. Koow mace about Stonewall than aayone, dead or ‘lie IF wasn't at Stonewall hen no one ‘vas at Stonewall ) Bosse about te fect that you regard | yourselves as Being advocates and not fare roporters of rer | would have ex ocd ou to mako this pain. Th lesson vary simple — if gays and lesbian in Dist 7 Bother to turn out Ia June an oa gay man wil be on the allot No- vember It doesnt come much simglar than that Jen Backus Pini