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Goal: To create a poster, based on analogies that display your understanding of

cellular structures and their functions within the cell.
In this project you will be comparing the parts of the cell to something else by
writing analogies. These comparisons should help you understand and remember
the functions of different cell parts. An analogy is a comparison between two
things, which are similar in some respects, but otherwise are different. An analogy
is an explanation of something by comparing it point by point with something else.
Example: A baseball manager is like the nucleus. The manager
controls the lineup and calls plays for his team like the nucleus
controls the activities of the cell.
You will be making a digital poster showing how a cell is like a (restaurant,
museum, sports team, mall, etc.) Your poster will include written analogies for
different cell organelles as well as pictures of what you are comparing each cell
part to.
1) Decide on your theme. What are you comparing a cell to? See suggested
ideas given above.
2) Writing analogies - You must then relate 7 organelles to part of that thing.
You will do this by writing an analogy in the following format.
A brain is like a nucleus. The brain controls what our body does in the
same way a nucleus controls the growth and metabolism of a cell.
The first sentence should state the two things you are comparing to each
The second sentence of the analogy must then specifically state the job of
the cell part and the job of whatever youre using for comparison. You
MUST explain how they are similar.

3) Pictures (8 Total)

First, you must find a picture to represent your theme (a picture of a

Then, you will illustrate each of the seven individual analogies by making
a drawing or finding a picture to go with it. For example, you could draw a
picture of a food court in a mall to compare to the mitochondria.
4) Now, its time to put your work together on a digital poster board. You
can use PowerPoint, Prezi, or any other program to help you create it.
Write a title that includes your theme so your audience knows what
you are comparing a cell to. (Sample title: A school is like a cell).
Write your analogies and find the pictures that go with them.
Write your groups members names on the project.
5) The following is a list of organelles and their functions you may choose
from. You must choose seven.
Nucleus controls activities of the cell
Cell membrane allows materials to move in and out of the cell
Cell wall supports/protects the cell
Endoplasmic reticulum transports proteins throughout the cell
Mitochondria provides energy for the cell
Vacuole stores food, water, and waste
Lysosome cleans up the cell;
Golgi complex packages and distributes proteins
Ribosome makes proteins
Chloroplast captures the suns energy to make food for the plant
Assessment - You will be graded on the following:
Creativity of analogies - All analogies are creative and appropriate. Analogies
relate to the theme.
Format of analogies - All analogies should be written in the correct format.
Pictures/Drawings - Pictures/drawings relate to parts described. (Ex. The brain
should look like a brain).
Overall neatness Work is extremely neat and presentable
Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, and Capitalization

50 point project


2 points

Title states the theme that is being compared to a cell.


Analogies are creative, appropriate and relate to the theme


10 points

Layout of poster is extremely neat and presentable.

Poster is colorful.

Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, and Capitalization

10 points

Pictures/Drawings represent theme and its different parts

Overall appearance

10 points

Analogies are written in the correct format.

Analogies accurately compare function of each cell part to
function of object/person


10 points

5 points

No errors

Names on front of poster

Turned in on time

2 points
1 point
50 points