Computer health and safety

Whenever you are using a computer make sure that you follow the instructions health safety for e.g. 1. The op of the monitor should be just below eye level.

2. Your shoulder should be straight and relaxed.

3. The back seat of your chair lower back supported.

4. The height of your chair that your forearms should be same level as your Keyboard and also your mouse should be positioned close to your body.


5. Ensure your legs that thighs tilled slightly and your feet are flat on the floor.

6. Make sure your computer be clearance under work surface. 7. Ensure that the screen of your computer is avoiding reflected glare. 8. Ensure that you do not having food drinking around a computer with you because it will damage your computer and it also your health for e.g. If you are having drink on the computer disk and suddenly your drink fall down split all over around the area of computer which are keyboard, plug there and then you will be face to electricity shock. 9. When you using a computer try don’t hold the phone with your shoulder that one you using try move it on other side for e.g. if you are using your right shoulder movie it to the left shoulder because it is essential to have free writing hand.


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