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Omar Ahmed Ismail Mahmoud

B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering 2009.

2 Amal str. ,Coldeer, Monieb,Giza, Egypt
Tele.Mob : +2(010)7690378 & Home : +202-35737539
Email :

Seeking to be an excellent chemical engineer in the field of process
engineering, where I have a very good academic background related to all
topics, specifications and considerations which related to this field where
I 'm interested and where I like to achieve my ambitions.

Personal Information
General specification : Chemical Engineering Department.
Date of Birth : 28/11/1987.
Place of Birth : Egypt.
Nationality : Egyptian.
Social Status : Single.
Religion : Muslim.
Military service : postponed.

University : Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.
Current degree : B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering 2009.
Graduation year : May 2009.
Cumulative grade : Good with high percentage (73%).
Graduation Project : Process design for Die Methyl Amine.
Graduation Project Grade : Very Good.


∗ Arabic : Mother language.

∗ English : very good (Reading, writing, Understanding).

Oriental Weavers & Miroradich Textile 2006

∗ Do some Applications in dyes department.
∗ Plus additional description about all company and its production.
∗ Commitment to Excellence – Customer Services.

Egyptian Petroleum Research Institute 2007

∗ Gain knowledge about the products from E P R I and its applications.
∗ Plus application on the samples in library.
Ceramic Cleopatra Group Factory in El-Ain sokhna 2008
∗ Stages of the ceramic industry.
∗ Gain knowledge about ceramic products.
CB&I Lummus Technology L.L.C 2008
∗ CB&I Lummus – the engineering, procurement and construction arm
of the Lummus organization – has broad international experience
designing and building process plants for the hydrocarbon industry.
Field Trip in Midor for Oil refining in Alexandria 2009
∗ Gain knowledge about Oil refining process.

Key Skills
∗ Suite 2000 (Word, Excel, Power point), e-mail, internet and
Desk Top Publishing.
∗ Excellent inter-personal and communication skills, proven ability
to deal with a wide variety of situations and individuals in a calm,
Professional manner.
∗ Proven ability to implement problem solving techniques.
∗ A hard working, self motivated individual who works well on
own initiative and is an excellent team member.
∗ Willing to undertake any training or development necessary
required to meet the requirements of post or employer.
∗ An enthusiastic and ambitious individual with both technical and
practical ability.

            Excellent references are available upon request