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KG2-C Class News June 11

Hello Families. We are quickly coming to the end of our time

together, but still have some fun events and learning to do over
the next couple of weeks. I have some things to share with you
as our weekend begins.
Remember that our class year end celebration will be held on
Sunday afternoon starting around 1:45! Ms. Charlotte has placed
a list outside our classroom if you would like to sign up for a food
or drink contribution. You may also message her if you have
something you would like to do for this event. The children will
have PE that day so will wear their PE clothing for the celebration.
Thanks to Ms. Charlotte for organizing this!
Our graduation ceremony will be held on Tuesday at 10:30 in the
multi-purpose hall. There will be three classes involved in this
ceremony so it will likely take an hour at least. I suggest that you
try to arrive a little early to get yourself situated in time. The
children will receive a graduation certificate at that time. Later
they will each also receive a Learner Profile certificate from me.
Some students will also receive a certificate for achievement in
their specialist classes. Im ok with having parents back to the
class for a short time after to take a few photos. We will continue
with a normal day after the ceremony and brief classroom
Ramadan timings for the class will be from 8:30 to 1:30. Please
ensure that your child arrives and will be picked up on time during
that special time.
Ms. Aswathy and I have been busy updating many assessments
that we have previously done. I am very pleased with the
progress that the children have made this year! Their progress or
areas for further development will be reflected on the report cards
coming out soon.
There will be a parent information session held on Sunday relating
to reading development of the children, expectations for reading

in grade one and RAZ Kids reports and how you can monitor your
childs progress.
With RAZ Kids there is an expectation that children also complete
the quizzes for the books and they should also be recording oral
reading of selected books on the site. Their comprehension of the
stories is very important as well, not just word recognition.
Our most active readers on RAZ Kids this past week were Mia,
Imane, Samuele and Yian who all were active for more than two
hours. Good effort to all who continue to work on here regularly. I
noticed that some students did not have a password for the site,
so I am sending a password home with all the children today.
Please look for this and keep it for future use.
All outstanding library books should be returned as soon as
possible. Failure to return a book could result in having to pay a
replacement fee or withholding of final reports. Thank you for
your cooperation.
If your child will be travelling before the 24 th please let me know.
After School Activities and swimming in PE have now finished up
for the school year.
A schedule will be posted soon for student-led conferences on the
24th. We can schedule 4-5 students and groups of parents in
during a 45 minute slot.
Yearbook order forms are being sent out today. The cost will be
Dhs 50. This is a worthwhile purchase and a memory item that
your child can keep forever. Payments and forms can be sent in
any day next week. Books will be delivered to the school for
distribution before the end of the school year.
Thank you for your support and have a nice weekend!