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(Grade 4)
Note: Each class take 50 mins

One week-lessons plans

Note: I chose week 2 to do long lessons plans for whole week
Week 2
Lesson 3

Day 3:

Compare long bone measurements between adults and children

Science Lesson Plan 3

Context of the lesson (Give information about the lesson and where it fits. Or, this lesson is a
review of .. covered in previous lessons

This lesson is from theme one which is about Animals (Skeleton), Compare long bone
measurements between adults and children. This lesson let students to measure the longs bones
between children in the classroom.

Teaching goal (State clearly what it is you plan to teach in this lesson)

The overall aim of the lesson is to teach students how to measure longs bones between others.

Learning objectives (State clearly exactly what you want the ss to be able to do by the end of the
lesson. Students will be able to:

By the end of the lesson, students will be able to:


Understand most of lesson vocabulary.

Measure the longs bones of the body.

Identify the longest and the smallest bone in the body.

Find the longest bones on our bodies.

Assumptions about prior learning (Mention what the ss know from previous lessons or their
experience eg The learners will have encountered or be familiar with or aware of...)

Students are already know the function of the skeleton.

Students may know some vocabulary of the lesson. (Took it in the previous lesson)

Students already identify to the skeleton of various animals and the bones of it.

Anticipated problems and possible solutions (Mention problems and solutions related to

Some learners will find it difficult to measure the longest and smallest bones, so teacher will
shows them an example of how to find the longest bones by using tape measures.

Personal focus for this lesson

In this Lesson focus on:

1- Students using lesson vocabulary more often during the class.
2- Students working together without arguing.
3- Keep up the positive environment throughout the lesson.

Target Language

Ss will say some words like bones, skeleton, measurements, longest bones etc.


Tape measures

Objects (longest bones and smallest bones)- (Materials are available in lab room)

Data show

Worksheet (Measure and find long bones)



Main tasks or activities - Consider these grouping strategies - Consider where the children are

Main tasks or activities (list the tasks in sequence eg flashcard recognition, worksheet, drawing
posters etc)

Main tasks or activities


Consider these

Consider where
the children are

A. T will put for each group

objects of longest and
smallest bones with a tape
B. T let ss to engage and think
what they have and what
will do with this objects.
C. T will explains and shows
for learners how to
measure a longest bones
between students in class
and how to compare
between them.
D. T will use inquiry learning
(questions) through the
E. T will provide more
knowledge about it

5 mins

Whole class

At their desk

15 mins

Whole class

At their desk

F. T will present video of

longest bones.
G. Ss will discuss about it and
comparing between them

10 mins

Whole class

At their desk

H. T will give each group

worksheet (task) with a
tape measures to work it in
a group. First of all T will
let students to read the
questions and then answers

10 mins for doing

the task

Group work

At their desk &

front of class


it by implement the
experiences to compare
the longest bones between
their friends. Then ss discss
it as whole class.
I. T will asks students general
questions what ss have
learnt today.

5 mins for
discussing the
finding as whole
5 mins
Whole class

At their desk